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The Physics of Blog Posts (Part I)



I have been waiting to do this blog post for a long time, and I am excited to do this. I dont know about anyone else, but I like to keep track of my highest viewing blog posts and try to get the most as possible. After (semi) extensive research, I am ready to share my findings with you!!!!

So, to start off, blog post views increases the same way as the learning curve, slow at first, then increases a a faster rate until the acclereation begins to slow down until it plateaus. However, the difference between the learning curve and the "blog curve" is thatthe blog curve never really plateaus because there are always new people entering the internet and this website, searching for an amusing blog post or specific information.


So, last quarter when I did my blog posts I recorded the number of views I had after two weeks. I have now created different groups to dicuss the success of each blog post. Keep in mind that the numbers I use are from my blog posts only, so that can be different for other people. Here are my "catagories" based off the numbers:

High viewers ( a hit): 100+

Middle Range (a good blog): approx. 65-99

Low viewers (Better luck next time): >65

I figured this blog post is boring enough, so check my posts later for advice on creating blog posts. Have fun!


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