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THe Physics of Blog Posts (Part II)



Ok, I gotta admit, that last blog post stunk like my dog's farts. In fact, other than the physics of faradays cage, they all have been pretty bad. Well, I am going to tell you what the best and the worst have in the blog posts.

The best:

Humor is a good thing. Physics at times can be rather boring, and if you couple it with some humor, it can be more entertaining for the viewers.

Have it on an interesting topic. Let's face it, a bad topic is a bad blog.

Connect to the "real world." Dont just talk about school and physics class, but connect it to the outside world. It gives the blogs a sense of meaning.

Ad finally, Make it meaningful. I know lots of you are only trying to get these done at the last second, but if you are just randomly posting things hoping to get credit, the post is going to be a dud, except on those rare occasions where it turns out amazing (aka the physics of faraday's cage).

The Worst:

Dry. There's no spice, no excitement. If you simply have a dry subject, try adding in colors or fun faces. It adds character and draws the eye.

No Physics. Yes, the are times where the blog posts are simply people rambling. Come on, weve all done it (the physics of tetris by me, not mrmuffinman). Make something up, find some connection, just put physics in it! ***Warning: lame physics is better than no physics, but still won;t do well

Bore-fest. As sad as it is there are certain topics that people dont care about, like my independent study. Not that I blame people....

I think the most important part of making a blog post is to be excited for it!!! Put a little of yourself into the blog posts, just like in English voice is key.

Well, I hope I have helped make you all better bloggers!!! Ready, Set, Blog!

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Ok, I gotta admit, that last blog post stunk like my dog's farts.

Quote of the year right there ;D Right up there with "Hey -- Heeeeeeey!" and "Zombie cookie"

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