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Physics in general

Guest Keri


As of now, we are about half way done with the AP-C Physics course, and I feel like my brain is filled to the max. Formulas are starting to run together and units are mixing with each other...not good. We have been doing AP leveled free response questions and multiple choice questions weekly, and I feel like things are starting to get rough. Looking at a question and not even knowing where to start, getting the answer and feeling good, then correcting it and realizing its the wrong answer, or even not knowing the formulas to go with the problem. AP's may seem far away still, however now is the time to start preparing. I plan on looking at my formula sheet every day trying to get them down to memorization, and our '4 minute drills' in class will hopefully become easier and easier. (writing down as many formulas as you can in 4 minutes) I hope there is light at the end of this tunnel, because as of now, I am in the deepest darkest tunnel imaginable. I'm not sure if I am the only one feeling this way, but I plan on working even harder to try and get out of this tough period.

"Hard work pays off"


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I don't think you're alone... so far you've always known what unit you've been working in, but now that we've covered a typical college semester at a high level, having things jumbled together isn't uncommon, especially after a long break. The good news -- we have one or two more days of material to cover, then we have a chance to sort everything out as we prepare for the mid-term. Take this time as an opportunity to clarify and organize your thoughts, to figure out your strengths and weaknesses -- then attack the weaknesses, and fortify the strengths.

You know more than you think you do... our first WebAssign practice MC test is designed to be a tough one... an exam to help you realize where you need to work -- but not in a comfortable way. Use it as it was intended -- a tool to help you focus your efforts moving forward. And if it rattled you a bit, perhaps that's not a bad thing either -- but don't let it throw you from your course!

Energy and persistence conquer all things.

Benjamin Franklin

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I'll always be next to you in class Keri! Let's conquer this course together! I know your determination will bring it all together for you. I sense an AP-C review party soon!

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