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The Physics of Not Saving because you are tired enough not to for a really long blog



Oh my gosh I am crying on the inside. I was creating a really awesome blog post that everyone would love and I went to backspace a letter and it returned to the home blog page. I lost everything. So I am going to explain why when you are tired you do stupid things such as not save.

According to scientists, during sleep your brain sorts through and stores information, replaces chemicals, and solves problem from the day. When you are tired, it's your body's way of saying, "AAAHHHH me tired." Just like when exercising any other muscle, after a certain amount of time that muscle becomes sore and cramped (headache), in desperate need of a break. However, instead of tightening up and not being able to move that muscle, the brain begins to make poor decisions, make mistakes, and neglect certain details. In addition, many people become more emotional due to lack of sleep, they also become hyper-alert in a negative way: aware of the problems youre facing, but not able to focus on any one topic. An interesting "fact" (i googled it so i could be wrong), but when tired your brain acts in a similar way to when you're tired, slower reaction rate, temperamental, and poor judgement. Another really cool "fact" is that your body/brain sends signals to go to sleep, which requires more energy to fight the urge, which makes you more tired.

Long story short, give up and go to bed. Which is what I will do now... maybe. I apologize if i repeated myself or if the facts are false.


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