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My Third Quarter



Well I started this third quarter off on a really bad foot when i got an atrocious test grade on the electric potential test. We followed that test with an independent unit in circuits and although my test grade in that unit wasn't anything special, it was a significant improvement. Then we got the magnetism independent unit. In AP-physics B, my understanding of the magnetism unit wasn't very strong but I felt like i had a better grasp of it by the end of last year. However, with an increase in difficulty of the problems and more complex concepts with magnetic monopoles, my mind was blown. I like the freedom we get with the independent units but with freedom comes great responsibility to get it done promptly. I envy my classmates who had took the initiative and got the unit done on time with a better understanding because that is what I should have done. Learning on my own, structuring my schedual, and managing my time is something I must improve as I move on towards higher education.


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