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Opposites Attract ;)



In the dating world, people with opposite personality types seem to be attracted to each other. In the world of electrostatics and magnetism, opposite charges attract each other and opposite magnetic poles attract each other too. Particles with a positive charge, such as a positive test charge, are attracted to particles with a negative charge, such as a negative test charge. The particle with the greater magnitude of charge will attract the other with a greater force. For example, if a particle with positive charge has 2C of charge and a particle with negative charge has 1C of charge, then the particle with a postitive charge will exert a greater attractive force on the particle with negative charge than the attractive force the negative particle will exert on the positive particle. With magnets, the Northern end is attracted to the south end due to opposite magnetic poles. These properties play a very large role in understanding the subatomic relationships between particles of different charge and magnetic polarity in substances such as blood and water. These phenomena occur ever instantaneous moment of everyday!


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