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The problem with u (mew)



In both physics and chemistry, u, stands for a lot of things. u is the coefficient of friction, with subscripts indicating kinetic or static friction. It is the permeability of free space. It represents a magnetic moment. It indicates a micro unit (10^-6). It represents linear density. In chemistry, it represents velocity. u is also used to represent values in music, pharmaceutical sciences, computer science, software design, meat science and linguistics. Understanding each and every representation of u can be very difficult and many of the values produced do not require units so to an untrained eye, the value of u could mean many different things. Thus it could be interpreted in the wrong way. There are many other Greek letters that can be used to represent values in all fields of study so instead of overusing u, other unused Greek letters should be incorporated. As a student who has to discern between five different representations of u, it becomes difficult at times if the topic at hand isn't 100% clear. So i believe u shouldn't be used as much and other Greek symbols should be incorporated into these diverse fields of study.


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