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Goals for the rest of the year



We are now entering our last quarter as seniors in high school. I want to rebound from an uncharacteristically bad academic performance in the third quarter and finish strong in the last quarter. This is now a prime time to start reviewing for the AP test that is looming in the very near future. I for one am quite a bit nervous but I have a plan to follow that will get me prepared for the day of the test:

1. do 1 blog post a week

2. Read text book a little bit each night

3. do webassigns a little bit each night

4. Read in my review book a little bit each night, reviewing previous units.

5. get sleep

6. eat a bagel with peanut butter everyday (got that one!)

If I do this and take the initiative to begin studying now, I will be able to properly locate my weaknesses, other than the ones I already identified, and I will work to improve them for the day of the test. I will be prepared when I walk in there that fateful day in may. I guarantee i won't look like this:

2Q== and if my pants are down, it will be out of my own accord!

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