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How to put eqns/fancy symbols into your blog



Do you find your blogs boring, drab and in need of fanciness? Do you think that int(x^2) is an acceptable substitute for png.latex? \int x^{2} dx ? Because the APlusphysics site has undergone improvements, I think that our blogs' equation quality should improve as well. ;D

A little birdie (Mr. Fullerton) told me about this great tool called a latex editor. One site to go to is http://www.codecogs.com/latex/eqneditor.php , which you don't have to download and it's not blocked by the school. It's a site where you can choose the symbols that you want in an equation, like sigma or pi, and it spits back a code.

When you paste that code into your blog post, put [tex] before it and [/tex] after it, then preview the blog, the symbol you chose will be in its place.

I had to put the information above into the code box or the computer would've read it as part of a code. For example, if I choose the pi button and the latex editor spits back CHERRY, I would write [ tex] CHERRY [ /tex] and the symbol for pi would come up.

(the code is actually \pi, so if I surround that with [tex] and [/tex] it looks like: [tex] /pi [/tex]

png.latex? \pi

I hope thats helpful! If you have any questions, Mr. Fullerton or I would be glad to help :)


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