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SHOPPING > physics



Thinking of a topic to start off my blog was actually a lot more difficult than I imagined! But after long hours of pondering( giving up hours of sleep), i woke up one morning and the light blub in my head went off, What about SHOPPING?! At this moment i felt the true essence of success run through my whole being, i felt alive for the first time in years. So i know what you must be thinking, how can shopping relate to physics? well i'll tell you......

When shopping your speed increases when you see something you really want, but when something doesn't catch your eye you are more prone to walk at a more constant speed. Mechanical energy also relates to shopping as well because mechanical energy is associated with the motion and position of an object. For an example, the motion in this situation would be the person walking and the position can be where the individual is at that very time. Lastly, gravity is also used, gravity keeps the shopper planted on the ground, stopping the individual from flying into the air.

Writing a blog such as this makes me realize that physics takes place in everything we do whether we know it or not. Physics can be used to understand everything.



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Wow, I never realized how much physics can truly relate to everything. I hope you have recovered from your loss of sleep over coming up with an idea for this blog!

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Shopping can take alot of time if you dont know what you are looking for or if you just get caught up looking in a store. it also can take alot of time.

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