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half way done!



So today was our first day of Electricity and Magnetism in Physics-C. I've been anticipating this heavily, since I applied to college as an Electrical Engineer, and i want to see what E&M is like using calculus. It should be fun.

Now that we've summed up all of mechanics (at this level), everything seems pretty straight forward. For the most part, physics -C is just an advanced physics - B that involves a bunch of calculus and a couple completely new topics like everything that has to do with Moment of Inertia.

Hopefully E&M is as straightforward, though i have heard that it can be rough and involves probability and imaginary numbers. Im not really sure why imaginary numbers would come into play - does anyone have any ideas about that?

Either way, we are have way done and there is 3.5 months till APs. The year is flying by fast!

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The good news and the bad news... E&M does involve probability and imaginary numbers. Probability at the nano-scale (which we may talk about with a guest speaker on Wednesday), and imaginary numbers first come into play in dealing with AC circuits. And we won't get into much depth with either of those in this semester.

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