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physics of diving



Diving uses physics because it is all about the movement of the diving board and person. The diving board and the person each have different physics uses but they work in harmony to get the 'job' done. Diving uses so much physics and we have explored each section of the physics.

The board uses physics by giving off energy. The potential and kinetic energy work together to fling the person into the air and give the maximum height so the person can do what dive he/she is doing. The energy is transferred from the person as they jump from the board and land on it again. The person is then pushed back up and off the diving board using the board and their leg muscles to get even higher into the air.


The girl/guy uses physics by gravity of falling towards the water after the boards transfers the kinetic energy to the person and immediately after they leave the board they feel the effects. The diver as they are trying to fight gravity with the use of the board work to get the dive done. Work is used to create force which in turn creates momentum when they stop their arms abruptly by grabbing their legs or bringing them as far as they can to their side for twists and flips.


Diving uses physics to let the divers do what they need to and pull it off in a good way to impress people.


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I never known diving to include so many actions related to physics like this. It is quite amazing how it all blends together to allow for the diver to perform.

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