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Don't underestimate the value of technology!!



I have just recently missed a full week of Physics lectures, among other things, and thought that I would drown in a sea of confusion when I got home, but alas no!! The online daily updates and postings of class lectures have proven themselves invaluable to helping em stay on track. So you may ask, why did I bother posting this? I have three reasons:

1) They actually work!! For anybody that misses class I highly suggest referring to the blog and daily updates. They also come in extreme handy when attempting homework and web-assigns.

2) To anyone outside of our school that's reading this post, I recommend that you do something similar for your students. I'm sure that you'll find that they understand the material better, and find it easier to stay on track, especially after missing class.

3) Many of the posts are just outright fun to read. The class notes are fun, but the real awesomeness comes from fellow students. Keep the entries coming!!

If you actually took the time to read all that, you deserve a special reward. Just a positive rant that I felt like going on with how useful this site has been :)

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