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    I played dodgeball too!
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    The reason why you get shocked more in the winter is because everyone has their heaters on which draws the moisture out of the air which causes the charges to build up and cling to us more since there is less moisture in the air.
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    So are you saying that in one of these dimensions you're actually good at super Mario??. Fascinating stuff Jake, and don't go putting your cats in radioactive boxes, alright big guy?
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    Jelliott, I can really relate to your analogies. I too wish to become a beautiful butterfly, to grow and grow until I burst with knowledge. although I find some of your post humorous as intended, I think you struck on very important ideas. I think hard problems can be torture but on the other hand, that makes them that much more rewarding when completed.
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    Maybe I'll write a post just about cows...*suspense*
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    Sweet blog post. If you wouldn't mind spreading the love and also buying your two student teachers silver Porsches, we wouldn't complain
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    11/10 already and all i've read was the title.
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    You prefer Waffles over pancakes?
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    Nice post HegelBot153. If you wear flannel pajamas and have flannel sheets, rolling over under the covers can be an 'enlightening' experience as well!
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    When I was little, I used to yell at a mason jar... Physics said "Nay!"
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    Interesting! I might start working on my squat landings to prepare for any unexpected fall in the future. Also, this sucks when playing video games and you slip and end up falling to your doom.
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    Whenever I see saw waves I cant help but think of the synth pioneers and how much the synth has affected music since the early 70's. It's a truly unnatural sound. If you ever wish to check out another example of the "futuristic/robotic" sound you were describing in action, check out the original Blade Runner OST.
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    The first video sounded so cool, I loved listening to that first sound with c and c#. But RIP headphone users on the second video lol
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    Love this! My background is in microelectronic engineering, and I'm even in the middle of putting together a 2-hour workshop on microelectronics (presentation is in December) that will cover much of what you did over the summer. Great discipline, with TONS of fantastic jobs that are fun, challenging, and rewarding. We'll have to talk more...
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    Dear Mr. Vank -- it's fantastic that you landed on the moon... but did you land on time?
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    You can do it Mady!
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    That's pretty impressive!!
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    Love the incorporation of sports and video games with physics. Just out of curiosity, is SWEAT an acronym for something?
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    That perspective of not only looking at AP-C as an opportunity for increasing your physics understanding but also a place that will equip you with experiences that can be applied elsewhere in life is fantastic! The same lens you use to apply physics to real-life problems is so useful no matter what you do. Failing definitely happens, whether large or small; just keep that perspective of learning from those mistakes and using them as opportunities rather than barriers. Often you'll find that it was better to fail once and succeed the next time!
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    Awesome! so glad you had so much fun Marg!
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    This was a very Madge post and I loved every second of it... Bravo.
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  23. 1 point
    I love this post, Margaret! It made my night!
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    I love the way you connected one of your favorite things to physics!
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    I'm jealous -- I'd love to have time with Brother Guy to talk about evidence and overlap in science and religion. Absolutely fascinating!!!
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    I did not know you played frisbee. Do you play ultamite? because I have an ultamite frisbee team that also practices over the summer.
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    you will shoot your eye out kid!!
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    This was interesting and funny to read
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    your dog should be a rapper.
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    My dad works with cardiothoracic surgeons! Although he sells the pacemakers and helps with the implants. So it's just my luck that our house is full of boxes of pacemakers... at least we're always prepared.
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    Wow Alex! I wouldn't want to get that hard! It most be very painful, almost as bad as a hidden blade to the rib cage! I wouldn't want to be pancaked either! That most hurt but good way to explain!
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    Really cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    And now we're starting to make electronics small enough that the wave nature of particles is coming into play. Quantum electronic devices are becoming reality, and gate thickness of transistors are becoming so thin that electrons tunneling through dielectrics becomes a problem (or a feature).
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    Good connection from a black hole to US!
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    That's an impressive blog post!
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    The first time I drove on the highway i was kind of scared too Hannah but yah driving has a lot of physics.
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    Truly interesting. Sadly, the video is blocked by the internet filter. Where is society going....
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    nice blog. love your name. I suspose the biologists would argue that life isn't physics but if not physics, it is ruled by physics! jk
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    Toys are great for physics demonstrations. I'd love to find the one with the spinning wheel that traveled up and down metal rails.
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    This is the literary masterpiece of our generation I now have a complete grasp of physics
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    Very interesting way to look at physics and how using force is applied while driving.
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    My favorite part of the year -- watching how much this class grew, from the struggles with the book and our first independent unit in late October, then comparing that to April when I kept receiving requests to finish out the year with independent work and study. I just love when students outgrow the need for formal instruction -- once you learn how to teach yourself, and have the confidence to do so, there's nothing that can stop you!!!
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    I really liked that you picked a unique topic like this and related it to yourself!
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    I always wondered why the beaches here and some other beaches get so hot, while others stay nice and cold. I never realized that it was what makes up the sand that causes it to get so hot.
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    Yay coat hanger! I hope you don't mind, I posted on this topic too but cited your blogpost in it. Nice work here
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    If space travel was possible, could their be other planets that could sustain human life?
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    Even after understanding the physics of it, Im probably still awful at playing it!
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    Great blog post, and I learned something new about nordic skiing. Always take good care of your skis, and hopefully they'll take care of you!
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    Glad to hear you were able to get that coathanger bent and see the continuous shape that the solenoid makes with the soap bubbles!

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