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    Version 1.0.0


    Lab handout to accompany the APlusPhysics Coulomb's Law mini-lab simulation activity.


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    Version 1.0.0


    Projectile motion simulation lab activity using an Excel spreadsheet. Students input angle, launch speed and can trace path of projectile, view velocity vector, etc. Thanks to Ed Pogozelski (SUNY Geneseo) and Dan Baker (U of Rochester) for their assistance in creating this activity.


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    Click "download" to access the Electrostatics unit materials.


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    Honors Physics Essentials is an easy-to-read guide to algebra-based introductory physics, featuring more than 500 worked-out problems with full solutions and covering topics such as: kinematics, dynamics, momentum, impulse, gravity, uniform circular motion, rotational kinematics, work, energy, power, electrostatics, circuits, magnetism, microelectronics, waves, sound, optics, thermal physics, fluids, and modern physics. This book is designed to assist beginning physics students in their high school and introductory college physics courses as an invaluable supplemental resource in class as well as a review guide for standardized physics assessments such as the SAT Subject Test in Physics, PRAXIS Physics, and CST Physics exams. Honors Physics Essentials is integrated with the APlusPhysics.com website, which includes online question and answer forums, videos, animations, and supplemental problems to help you master the essential concepts of physics. Praise for Honors Physics Essentials: "This book is thorough and entertaining. The physics concepts are explained clearly enough for anyone to understand." -- Jeff, Physics Teacher. "If you are looking for an SAT Physics review book, or a review book for any non-calculus physics test, I'd recommend the Honors Physics Esssentials book. The charts and illustrations helped me organize key information, and I felt like I understood the concepts behind every question on the test." -- Nick, High School Physics Student. "I highly recommend this book to anyone who is having a hard time with entry level college physics. Quite frankly, I wish my school would adopt this book as our official text." -- Missy, College Physics Student. This is a license for a digital download of the PDF version for use by one person only on up to five electronic devices. This document may not be re-distributed, re-sold, or licensed to any other user.


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    Version 1


    An introductory electrostatics lab in which students utilize electroscopes, Vernier charge sensors, and the standard rubber and glass rods (with fur, wool, etc.) to explore electric charges and their basic properties. Equipment: Vernier Charge Sensor Aluminum Foil Clip Leads Metal Can Glass Jar Amber rod Glass rod Fur cloth Wool cloth Electroscope Scotch tape Plastic straw Others?


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    Version 1


    Handout / guide sheet for students studying electric potential in courses such as AP Physics C: E&M


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    Version 1


    A generic pre-reading guide to assist students in active reading of a complex text.


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