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  1. Sounds like you're a very well-rounded individual.  My wife and daughter are girl scouts.  Well, my wife's a troop leader, my daughter's a Daisy.  That's close...  :-)


    And there's no such thing as an average student.  You are all amazing in unique and fun ways!   :cool:

  2. This is a great course to really help you learn to teach yourself as well as self-managing your workload.  It can be difficult at times, but after we get into a routine, many students enjoy the independence and the ability to set their own priorities and schedules.  I'm hoping you'll find the same!  :geek:

  3. So glad to hear you're virtually perfect... that will come in handy with all of our challenging content this year.  If you would prefer not to do the blog posts (as this first one is already too many), come see me and I can eliminate that requirement for you -- if it's not value-added and the class will be easy anyhow, I'd hate to waste your time with something you don't see value in.  :bow:

  4. Excellent first blog post Paperboy!  Although we don't cover astrophysics itself in this course, we'll lay a ton of groundwork for future studies... pay special attention to our units on gravity, rotational motion, and believe it or not, much of what we do in E&M will have a strong correlation to applications in astrophysics later.


    Who's your favorite musician / band?

  5. I'll echo what PaperBoy said.  You're right, AP Physics C is a tough class.  It'll be a struggle, it'll be frustrating, it'll be hard work, but if you stick with it and do the work, you'll come out better for it on the other said (and don't worry about grades in here -- if you're doing what you're supposed to, it'll take care of itself).

    PS -- I see you love baking.  I love eating.  Hmmmmmm........    :cool:

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