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  1. Absolutely! I wonder what other applications of the cross product we'll find this year... :frog:
  2. This is the reason we teach... students who care and want to learn. I'm thrilled you're seeing things differently, and can't wait to hear about what you uncover this year (and of course, let's make sure to talk about physics of the trombone when we get to sound and waves!!!)
  3. FizziksGuy

    Physics of a Push-up

    Just thinking about how you could extend this, you could also calculate the work per pushup, or the power output. Then, of course, there are all the different types of pushups you can do... from diamond pushups to slide pushups to prison pushups... each designed to put your arms at different angles to work different muscles. Would be a great exploration into components of forces!
  4. Go to your profile, then near the top of the screen, choose Forum Actions --> General Settings. From there you can find a setting for avatars. Great thinking expanding from relative velocities to inertial navigation systems (INS). These are a core of F-16 (and other) military navigation systems. I have some friends who have done some work in this area, I'll see if I can't talk them into elaborating a little. :eagerness:
  5. Can you calculate Usain Bolt's new world record setting average speed in the 100m dash?
  6. An old friend (or, more accurately, a much-loved big sister) sent me this today, and I thought you might enjoy it as well...
  7. Very cool! Reminds of the question I heard a few weeks ago at Syracuse University. A teacher asked "what's the benefit of all this research at CERN?" The answer -- so far, CERN's particle research has resulted in the invention of the Internet as well as tremendous advances in radiation therapy... who knows what'll be next!
  8. Great analysis. If you look, there are TONS of great physics/karate sites you can find in a Google search... I stopped looking at the fourth page of cool sites!
  9. FizziksGuy

    Baseball and Bernouli

    Excellent... fluid dynamics even comes in handy in baseball!
  10. Of course, if you're stuck, you can always try the Homework Help forum...
  11. Slow down on the problem and take it piece-by-piece. Can you break up the vectors into their components?
  12. Gladly. You can find all of our notes at http://aplusphysics.com/wordpress/apc/ Also, worked out solutions are available in the classroom, though for the future I'd avoid waiting until the last day so as to reduce your frustration and allow you time and opportunity to obtain help.
  13. Hello D-Roc, and welcome to the APlusPhysics Forums!
  14. Working on "automatic logout" problem. My apologies for your frustration, and thanks for your patience.

  15. FizziksGuy

    Physics Brain-Rush

    I've finally trained my little girl to yell Doppler Effect when an ambulance goes by!
  16. Let's take a look and see if we can't prove it one way or the other with physics!
  17. Very cool... I spent last Saturday in Syracuse talking to two physics teachers who spent last summer at CERN... great to hear such interesting and groundbreaking research! I can hardly imagine the ramifications if this is verified!
  18. Excellent job extending theoretical concepts to real-world applications. So, if both mass AND velocity are important in analyzing a collision, what physics quantity do you think we should use when we look collisions in football?
  19. Nice job everyone. Just for future assistance, if you want to attach a file, use the "insert picture" button, and the server will put a local copy of your graphic on the server so it can be seen by everyone. [ATTACH=CONFIG]178[/ATTACH]
  20. Close, it was called Tatooine. :-) Trying to out-nerd a physics teacher... that's just silly. Great post, and I like how you're thinking about the physics of how such a situation could exist. Do you think it would be difficult to model the gravitational field in space for two suns, if the gravitational field strength is a vector? This sounds like a great opportunity for us to try out our new simulation software, Interactive Physics!
  21. AP-C Physics can be frustrating and challenging, and at times may seem overwhelming. It's also one of those courses that will leave you feeling out-of-sorts on various occasions. And I'd like to tell you that feeling will go away, but in all honesty, as you are finally pushed to these new challenges that are uncomfortable, it really doesn't go away. In fact, the challenges you're going to continue to face make this feeling grow and grow. BUT, I can tell you, that the more you stick with it, the more you get used to the feeling. You'll realize it's OK to be frustrated and confused, especially as, time after time, you struggle with the material, occasionally get knocked on your butt, but get back up again, and build the confidence to realize you're good enough that you can tackle these problems and challenges that seem so insurmountable when you encounter them. I could give you lots of reasons to stick with physics that have to do with college credits, career paths, where you'll use it later in life, but they're all minor details compared to the most important one. You should stick with it precisely because you're not sure you can handle it. As opposed to letting go and not knowing, dive in and find out... prove it to yourself, for yourself. It'll be hard at times, and it'll push you past the boundaries of what you ever thought you could do -- but if you stick with it, you'll come out better for it on the other side. And you don't have to do it alone. We're ALL here to help you succeed, even when that help sometimes feels like letting you sputter and flounder in the water. Have faith you're not going to sink. I do. :wave) (PS -- best advice I can give you in physics C -- quit worrying and stressing. If you do your best each and every day, you've got nothing to stress over, no one can ask any more than that of you, I'll be proud, and most importantly, you should be proud!) Take a look at the student blogs from last year, such as this one... you'll find many feeling the same way, and as you read how they progressed throughout the year, note how much more confident they get. It's a journey!
  22. FizziksGuy

    Then A Miracle Occurs

    Well done, and great job sticking with a concept that was "fuzzy" upon first introduction... that'll happen a lot in AP-C, but familiarity will make it easier and easier!
  23. Physics of running and drafting -- very cool!
  24. I have a scanner we can use!

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