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  1. FizziksGuy

    More physics!

    I do! I do! (Hint -- check your online course calendar).
  2. Interesting ride to understanding the Doppler Effect... and you found yet ANOTHER use for AP economics! :einstein)
  3. FizziksGuy

    BUrkhart's Physics blog

    Welcome to APlusPhysics, gburkhart4210! Looking forward to reading your blog...
  4. FizziksGuy

    The New Year

    Welcome, MrPhysics, and best wishes on an amazing 2011-2012 school year! :wave)
  5. Have no fear BrightBulb -- over the next couple days we're going to lose everybody for a bit, but we'll also having you thinking this stuff is easy by the end of the week!
  6. Somehow I think you'll end up with more topics for weekly blog posts than you imagine. If you want a great example, check out Rhett Allain's dot.Physics blog!
  7. [ATTACH=CONFIG]161[/ATTACH] A motivational poster by Dr. Rhett Allain, author of the dot.Physics blog!
  8. FizziksGuy


    It is going to be tough, but it's going to be fun too! If it were easy, they'd call it chemistry! http://www.cafepress.com/aplusphysics.527644408
  9. Have no fear BrightestBulb, nobody gets this course 100% the first time through it. Every time I teach it I learn something more, and I don't think that'll ever change. If you make it through any physics class, and think you understand everything you learned, you probably weren't paying attention. It takes time for things to start making sense, sometimes a few hours, sometimes days, sometimes years. That's OK. Do your best, MAKE it fun, and you'll be a success!
  10. FizziksGuy

    The best topic of all: me

    Have you ever seen the show Sports Science? It's a fun one to watch, not only from the physics and application side, but occasionally they "mangle" the physics a bit in their explanations -- would make a great blog topic if you catch an episode (I have a couple examples of snippets from the show we'll see in class this year too).
  11. FizziksGuy

    Physics C!

    Thrilled to have you aboard, goNavy51 beat Army!:labmate)
  12. I was amused... thrilled to have you aboard Entropy Fiend. The good news with your note-taking strategy is that if you ever do want to go back and reference our class notes, you can find 'em all online at http://aplusphysics.com/wordpress/regents/
  13. FizziksGuy


    I think you're going to enjoy physics breezy, and if you give your full effort, I have no doubt you'll be successful!
  14. Hiya redsox1! TONS of physics in golf... are you good? I get my money's worth -- really, I watch the pros on TV and they always play from the fairway. I like a challenge, and tend to play from the trees, the sand, deep rough -- adds some excitement to my game.
  15. Sounds like a great plan to me... welcome to Regents Physics adv1!!!
  16. FizziksGuy


    Hiya SkiSteph, and welcome to APlusPhysics! I'm glad to hear you're excited about the course -- I'll do my best to make sure you're not disappointed... would love to hear about snowboarding -- I used to wakeboard when I lived in Austin, TX many moons ago, and have wanted to try snowboarding now that I'm in the snowy tundra we call Rochester. Have a great day!
  17. Great to hear from you willorn, and I'm thrilled to hear you're enjoying your professors. Keep us abreast of your adventures, and have a great year! :wave)
  18. Pleased to have you aboard Swagmeister... my head hurts a little from reading that (your poor English teacher!) but I think I got the gist. Looking forward to a fun year! :labmate)
  19. Sounds like a great plan to me. I'm excited to get started on our labs too -- I love seeing how we start slowly with lots of help, and by the end of the year students are doing labs with absolutely no assistance from the instructor!
  20. I want you to have a great experience in this class too... and if you don't like test taking, I'm thinking you'll like our Skills-Based Grading system -- lots of chances to demonstrate your knowledge, even if you don't like tests. Make it a great year!
  21. Welcome crazyskittles -- what type of guitar do you play? Perhaps you can give us a demo when we get to our waves unit! (No one wants to hear me play and sing... trust me!)
  22. FizziksGuy


    A fellow piano player -- welcome! What do you like to play? Billy Joel is my favorite, but it's an ongoing challenge to keep up the skills. Make it a great year!
  23. Thrilled to have you aboard Dexter... I can't wait to get into the fun physics stuff too -- our math review, though important for a good base of skills, isn't as fun as exploring how the world works (which we'll get to really soon!)

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