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  1. That'd wake you up in a hurry!
  2. FizziksGuy


    Great idea moe.ron!!! I think this will be a terrific asset for your class as well as classes to come. Perhaps when it's finished we can blow it up into a giant poster too. Question... did you mean to write Fr for the torque in this equation? Thanks for this valuable post!
  3. This could be a very challenging theoretical problem... or a very simple experiment with a force sensor. :-)
  4. FizziksGuy

    Physics of Running

    Terrific analysis of many of the energy conversions in the human body!
  5. FizziksGuy

    SHM in everyday life

    Isn't it amazing how you can find physics everywhere in life, even when you're not looking? If only that worked for apple pie...
  6. Not prompting... just asking.
  7. If such a technology did take off, do you think there could be any environmental repercussions due to the energy transfer from the wind into electrical power? How widespread would such wind generators have to propagate before there would be significant climatological effects? How would those effects be manifested?
  8. FizziksGuy

    Physics in space

    "May the force be equal to mass times acceleration" -- Charles Barkley
  9. You are supposed to use the formal lab report format to write it, and make sure your analysis includes answers to the questions asked in the lab report handout.
  10. FizziksGuy

    half way done!

    The good news and the bad news... E&M does involve probability and imaginary numbers. Probability at the nano-scale (which we may talk about with a guest speaker on Wednesday), and imaginary numbers first come into play in dealing with AC circuits. And we won't get into much depth with either of those in this semester.
  11. FizziksGuy

    Feynman vs Lewin.

    CalTech event in the spirit of Feynman's vision occuring today... http://tedxcaltech.com/
  12. http://science.discovery.com/brink/quiz/what-scientist-quiz.html You Are Edison... Brilliant, methodical, patient. Edisons believe in using teamwork to solve problems. They see the value in testing 800 compounds before finding the right one. It may not be as sexy as getting it right on the first try, but without thinkers like you, we'd all be in the dark. What does the quiz say about you?
  13. As many of you may have noticed, APlusPhysics has been rather slow as of late. In an attempt to remedy the situation, we have switched our hosting to a "grid hosting" arrangement, in which a number of servers provides simultaneous hosting and can allocate needed resources to accommodate spikes in activity on our website. You should see this in a speed improvement on the site, especially in the Forums, Blogs, and Course Notes sections. Looking forward to the much-needed improvement!!!
  14. Gain a competitive advantage with Wolfram Course Assistant Apps. Each app is custom designed specifically for today's popular courses. Wolfram Course Assistant Apps use an intuitive interface that guides you through the coursework to help you solve problems, not just give you the answers. As the makers of Mathematica and Wolfram|Alpha, we have been providing solutions in education for over 20 years. Now we're combining expert-level data, high-performance computation, and state-of-the-art interface design to give you the power to excel in all your classes—right in the palm of your hand.
  15. [ATTACH=CONFIG]79[/ATTACH] Light can control electrical properties of graphene ScienceDaily (2011-01-13) -- New research shows how light can be used to control the electrical properties of graphene, paving the way for graphene-based optoelectronic devices and highly sensitive sensors. ... > read full article
  16. FizziksGuy

    Feynman vs Lewin.

    Great point -- Richard Feynman did an amazing job of bringing complicated physics to the masses, and his lecture series is probably the most famous recording of an educational lecture in our history to date. Microsoft hosts 7 of the famous Feynman Lectures online at their Project Tuva site... check it out! To provide an idea of just how amazing he truly was, check out the first statement students heard in his introductory physics course at Caltech in the early 1960s. (PS, his lecture series was recorded and transcribed, along with pictures of his blackboard drawings, to create one of the most popular physics books of all time)
  17. Tremendous! I can't wait to talk my brother-in-law into demonstrating how it works on his Android phone! And also impressed by the QR codes... one of my "to-do" items includes integrating these codes with our course materials. Let us know what feedback you get!
  18. FizziksGuy

    Physics in general

    I don't think you're alone... so far you've always known what unit you've been working in, but now that we've covered a typical college semester at a high level, having things jumbled together isn't uncommon, especially after a long break. The good news -- we have one or two more days of material to cover, then we have a chance to sort everything out as we prepare for the mid-term. Take this time as an opportunity to clarify and organize your thoughts, to figure out your strengths and weaknesses -- then attack the weaknesses, and fortify the strengths. You know more than you think you do... our first WebAssign practice MC test is designed to be a tough one... an exam to help you realize where you need to work -- but not in a comfortable way. Use it as it was intended -- a tool to help you focus your efforts moving forward. And if it rattled you a bit, perhaps that's not a bad thing either -- but don't let it throw you from your course!
  19. Very, very cool! I am, yet again, impressed. Well done probablykevin!
  20. Hiya Grace... yup, got this one too. Just didn't get home until late last night. I'll make sure to up your Castle Learning score by 1 point. Have a great weekend!

  21. Amazing interactive flash demonstration: Scale of the Universe
  22. A great video on supersonic flight from AVweb!
  23. Great thermodynamics video!
  24. Pretty amazing -- and this will tie in very nicely with our upcoming study of springs and Hooke's Law!
  25. FizziksGuy

    Warp Drive

    No apologies required for String Guess... it's a very slick theory, and would be awfully nice if it were true -- just hard to call it a theory without any evidence! So many things yet to discover -- how many will we get to in our lifetimes?
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