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  1. Oooh, great concept, center of gravity is VERY important.  And you're hitting it right on the head, when you spin, you have a rotational inertia.  As you pull your arms in, your rotational inertia decreases, so you spin faster.  As you move them out, your rotational inertia increases, so you spin more slowly (think figure skater!)  EXCELLENT connection!

  2. Great post, I love it.  We actually did a crossfit workout last year where our score was determined by the total number of pounds lifted from the ground to over our head in a set time.  When we were done it was pretty cool to actually go calculate how many joules of work we did (was close to 50,000 joules per person).  It'd be cool to try to estimate how many joules of energy you used in an entire workout, then calculate your power output for the workout.  You could even find out how many slices of pizza that workout was equivalent too (never enough!)


    And there's TONS of physics and technique in lifting.  My best clean and jerk is ~185 pounds, yet there's an athlete at our gym who is close to 50 pounds lighter than me whose C&J is 285. Strength is important, but it's also all about knowing how to move to maximize your strength!




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