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  1. What an amazing post jelliott -- lots of great insight.  Physics C is all about that logical process, and building your "arsenal" of problem-solving tools.  And as strange as it may sound, don't let the calculus scare you.  You have an amazing calculus teacher, and by the end of the year, you're going to actually prefer the problems that have calculus in them, you'll be so good at it.  Calculus is just slopes and areas, things you've been doing for years -- the only real difference is the symbology looks a little different, kind of like reading a different language.  Once you learn the language, though, you're golden!

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  2. Welcome to AP Physics C!  I love this course because you can really begin to see what scientists mean when they talk about the "beauty of the universe" and the patterns behind the math.  It all finally starts to make sense instead of just coming from random memorized equations.  BUT, you gotta do the work.  This is one course where even just a few cut corners can spell certain doom.  Prioritize your time, build that self-discipline, and let's make it a stellar year!

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