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  1. We did this at my little girl's gym class for 1-year-olds (well, maybe not the cat and mouse part).  Wish I'd read your post first -- waves and the parachute didn't even begin to click at the time -- probably because I was too busy trying to sing the parachute song.

  2. Excellent post about the physics of playing the outfield.  Although it may be fun to see how far you can throw the ball, throwing at an angle of 45 degrees to get maximum range may not be the best choice, as you pointed out (it takes too long).


    When I was in high school I missed the cutoff man a couple times in a game.  During the next game, the coach (my father) put an orange hunting vest on our shortstop (my twin brother) to make sure I didn't miss the cutoff man again.  

  3. Can't say as it helps much Christina.  I play one basketball game every year and even with a basic understanding of physics, I'm still pretty terrible.  Somewhere, perhaps, there must be a little element of skill, talent, and practice that contributes to overall success.  Who'd have thunk it?

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