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  1. A great blog post!  By the way, the article you referenced is by Dr. Jim Kakalios, author of "The Physics of Superheroes" and a friend of APlusPhysics and the Physics in Action Podcast.  He was actually our first podcast guest.  Check out his interview in the following episodes, where he was interviewed by an IHS student!


  2. Great blog post!  Another effect could be air resistance... we neglect air resistance in most of our analyses (and know that a projectile travels a maximum range on even ground when launched at 45 degrees in the absence of air resistance).  In the real world, however, 45 degrees isn't always optimal due to the effect of drag forces such as air.  

  3. Learning to read a technical textbook is a difficult thing to do (and an important skill).  Like you, I often focus on the problems, but usually start out by:

    • attempting to outline the chapter
    • highlighting important formulas/relationships
    • attempting the problems myself, and using the text as a "guide" if I get stuck
    • finally, attempt to create and solve my own problems

    Once you have this skill down, you'll be miles ahead of the competition when it comes to teaching yourself, something you'll be doing for the rest of your life as an engineer!

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