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  1. Great video. FermiLab actually made a response video as they were searching for the Higgs Boson as well, and a couple years ago the head of the Higgs Boson research project came into our classroom. He stayed for an interview in our Physics In Action Podcast (Episode 12: Field Hockey and Particle Accelerators with Dr. Ben Kilminster), and also pointed out the rap he worked on, attached below. You can see Dr. Kilminster in the video around the 3:12 mark.

  2. Theoretically you are correct, you would have an infinite current and things would blow up. Practically, however, voltage sources have some internal resistance, as do wires, and in many cases, the capacitors themselves. But in general, you typically want a resistor somewhere in your circuit any time you have a capacitor involved to limit the current (errrr, damage) you may cause.

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