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  1. That is an excellent reaction time... just remember when doing your calculations that you need to convert 3.5 feet to meters first! (3.5 feet = 1.07m)

    Or, to be more accurate, since the box only fell about 2.5 feet, the displacement of the box was closer to 0.76m. Now how fast was your reaction time? :egg)



    I'll see if I can't find a way to "Sticky" a link to this post... another you can do is treat it as a "group" blog, where more than one person can write/edit/post to it. I believe you can play with the settings from the top navigation bar where it says "blog settings." I'll do a bit more research, but I know that capability comes with our blogging/messaging software.

    Just as an aside, I can't begin to tell you guys how thrilled I am with the effort and thought you're putting in to your posts. Not only are you finding fun and unique physics applications, you're also building tools to help yourselves and the many students who will come after you. Well done!



    Great idea moe.ron!!! I think this will be a terrific asset for your class as well as classes to come. Perhaps when it's finished we can blow it up into a giant poster too.

    Question... png.latex?%5Ccolor%20%5Ctau%20=tr did you mean to write Fr for the torque in this equation?

    Thanks for this valuable post!

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