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  1. $9.99

    Honors Physics Essentials - Digital Download

    Honors Physics Essentials is an easy-to-read guide to algebra-based introductory physics, featuring more than 500 worked-out problems with full solutions and covering topics such as: kinematics, dynamics, momentum, impulse, gravity, uniform circular motion, rotational kinematics, work, energy, power, electrostatics, circuits, magnetism, microelectronics, waves, sound, optics, thermal physics, fluids, and modern physics.
    This book is designed to assist beginning physics students in their high school and introductory college physics courses as an invaluable supplemental resource in class as well as a review guide for standardized physics assessments such as the SAT Subject Test in Physics, PRAXIS Physics, and CST Physics exams.
    Honors Physics Essentials is integrated with the APlusPhysics.com website, which includes online question and answer forums, videos, animations, and supplemental problems to help you master the essential concepts of physics.

    Praise for Honors Physics Essentials:
    "This book is thorough and entertaining. The physics concepts are explained clearly enough for anyone to understand." -- Jeff, Physics Teacher.
    "If you are looking for an SAT Physics review book, or a review book for any non-calculus physics test, I'd recommend the Honors Physics Esssentials book. The charts and illustrations helped me organize key information, and I felt like I understood the concepts behind every question on the test." -- Nick, High School Physics Student.
    "I highly recommend this book to anyone who is having a hard time with entry level college physics. Quite frankly, I wish my school would adopt this book as our official text." -- Missy, College Physics Student.

    This is a license for a digital download of the PDF version for use by one person only on up to five electronic devices. This document may not be re-distributed, re-sold, or licensed to any other user.

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  2. Free

    LAB: Ohm's Law

    Overview: Basic introduction to Ohm's Law lab in which students utilize a voltage source, an ammeter, and varying resistors to determine the resistance of each resistor. Calculated (empirical) resistance is then compared to the printed resistance, illustrating the variation in electrical components.

    Voltage source
    5, 10, 20-ohm resistors
    connecting wires



  3. $7.99

    Regents Physics Essentials - PDF Digital Download

    APlusPhysics: Your Guide to Regents Physics Essentials is a clear and concise roadmap to the entire New York State Regents Physics curriculum, preparing students for success in their high school physics class as well as review for high marks on the Regents Physics Exam.
    Topics covered include pre-requisite math and trigonometry; kinematics; forces; Newton's Laws of Motion, circular motion and gravity; impulse and momentum; work, energy, and power; electrostatics; electric circuits; magnetism; waves; optics; and modern physics.
    Featuring more than five hundred questions from past Regents exams with worked out solutions and detailed illustrations, this book is integrated with the APlusPhysics.com website, which includes online question and answer forums, videos, animations, and supplemental problems to help you master Regents Physics essentials.
    Check out the online sample! (Note: Click and drag corners to turn pages.)
    This is a license for a digital download of the PDF version for use by one person only on up to five electronic devices. This document may not be re-distributed, re-sold, or licensed to any other user, and may not be printed.

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  4. Free

    LAB: Newton's 2nd Law by Inquiry

    Summary: Minimalist lab in which students determine the mass of a cart.

    Purpose: Accurately determine the mass of a cart using Newton's Laws without using any scales, mass balances, spring scales, or "homemade" mass balances.




  5. Free

    WS: Centripetal Acceleration

    Basic worksheet to practice centripetal acceleration




  6. Free

    WS: Momentum and Motion

    Problem set combining conservation of momentum, projectile motion, and friction.



  7. Free

    Intro to APlusPhysics Assignment

    Brief webquest to introduce students to the APlusPhysics site and resources, and walk them through the registration process.



  8. Free

    LAB: How Does a Ball Roll

    Students use their knowledge of acceleration and kinematic equations to find the acceleration of two different balls rolling down an incline.  A nice "early lab activity" following introduction of the kinematic equations to get students a hands-on application of their problem-solving principles as well as continued development of general measurement and lab procedures.



  9. Free

    Feynman Poster

    "We are trying to prove ourselves wrong as quickly as possible, because only in that way can we find progress." -- Richard P. Feynman



  10. Free

    Regents Practice Exam Tracking Sheet

    A spreadsheet I use with my students to track their progress on practice exams and associated corrective actions.



  11. Free

    Regents Practice Exam Corrective Actions

    Detailed corrective actions I use with students after taking practice exams to focus on opportunities for improvement.



  12. Free

    The Best Regents Physics Review Sheet Ever!

    10-page "everything you need to know for Regents Physics" review sheet in MS Word .doc format.



  13. Free

    Tutorial: Creating Graphs in Excel

    A very brief and simplified tutorial to assist students in getting started with making graphs in Excel. The tutorial does include adding a linear trendline, but does not discuss the importance of understanding how these lines are created/fitted.



  14. Free

    Regents Physics SBG Skills

    SBG Skill list for Regents Physics



  15. Free

    Lab: Rolling Without Slipping (Moment of Inertia by Inquiry)

    Students roll various objects down an inclined plane and use their knowledge of rotational motion to determine the moment of inertia of the objects. Two equally valid paths to the answer make this a great inquiry lab, and you can differentiate easily by having advanced students search for BOTH paths to the answer, verifying both paths give you equivalent solutions.



  16. Free

    Breakdown of June 2013 Regents Physics Exam

    Diagnostic Guide for the June 2013 Regents Physics Exam

    I use these to help students prepare for the Regents Exam each spring. Students take the exam, which is scored by the instructor, then students are directed to use the diagnostic guide to determine the percent of questions they answered correctly under each topic. This information is then used to develop a personalized action plan to help each student focus their review efforts in areas that will return the biggest "bang for the buck."



  17. Free

    WS: Order of Magnitude

    A brief worksheet reviewing order of magnitude in a fashion targeted toward answering NY Regents Physics Exam standardized questions. From Mike Powlin.



  18. Free

    GUESS Problem Solving Methodology Poster

    Room poster emphasizing the GUESS Problem Solving Methodology



  19. Free

    Motion Graphs - Write the Story

    Students are presented a d-t graph and asked to create the corresponding v-t graph and formulate an appropriate story around it. Then they are given a v-t graph, asked to produce a corresponding d-t graph, and formulate an appropriate story.



  20. Free

    Kinetic Energy Concept Mapping Activity

    An end-of-kinematics / beginning-of-dynamics concept mapping exercise in which students build a concept map to create a "big-picture" look at what has been studied so far. The current version assumes students have access to Inspiration software, though I have also done this with index cards and string, poster paper, etc. The end-of-activity group discussion typically centers around transitioning from describing motion to causing motion, which introduced the concept of forces, making this a great transition activity from kinematics to dynamics.



  21. $10.00

    AP Physics 1 Essentials - An APlusPhysics Guide

    AP* Physics 1 Essentials is an easy-to-read guide to the entire AP Physics 1 course, featuring more than 600 worked-out problems with full solutions and deeper understanding questions. AP Physics 1 Essentials covers all major topics included in the AP Physics 1 course, including: kinematics, dynamics, momentum, impulse, gravity, uniform circular motion, rotation, work, energy, power, mechanical waves, sound, electrostatics, and circuits.

    AP Physics 1 Essentials is integrated with the APlusPhysics.com website, which includes online question and answer forums, videos, animations, and supplemental problems to help you master the essential concepts of physics.

    This book is designed to assist physics students in their high school AP Physics courses both as a guide throughout the course as well as a review book to assist in end-of-course exam preparation. Its focus is on providing the bare bones, essential concepts necessary for success in the course in a straightforward and easy-to-read manner, leaving development of in-depth problem solving and lab work to the classroom, where it is most effective. In short, this is not intended as a substitute for a standard textbook or course, but rather as an invaluable supplementary resource.

    New 2nd edition includes more than 90 AP-style problems to test your understanding and help prepare you for the AP Physics 1 Exam. Additional supplemental AP-1 level problems are available on the APlusPhysics site.

    Note: This is a license for a digital download of the PDF version for use by one person only on up to five electronic devices. This document may not be printed, edited, re-distributed, re-sold, or licensed to any other user. Once the file has been downloaded no refunds will be given.

    *AP and Advanced Placement Program are registered trademarks of the College Board, which does not sponsor or endorse this product.

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  22. Free

    WS: Work, Energy, and Power in Crossfit

    Problem set to go along with the Work, Energy, and Power in Crossfit video.



  23. Free

    Plotting Equipotentials and Electric Fields Lab

    From Barry Hopkins at Severna Park High School

    "I use the inexpensive clear plastic storage containers (shoe box size) from the dollar store and a couple of 9 volt batteries. Small pieces of copper wire and aluminum strips are placed into the tubs and water in the various configurations shown on page 3 of the Word document. We eventually print out each group’s results and make copies for everyone, and they use the equipotentials to help them trace out the electric fields.

    If you’ve never done this before, you’ll find it’s extremely tedious and time-consuming, so I usually get them to come after school (for some extra credit) to collect the data, rather than waste valuable class time."



  24. Free

    Measuring Circles LaTeX Lab Report

    This is a .zip file containing a sample lab report created using LaTeX.  It is designed to be used as a template for students interested in creating professionally-typeset lab reports while focusing on writing and content instead of stylization.



  25. Free

    Inquiry Lab - Resistivity of Play-Doh

    Students will independently determine the resistivity of an unknown material (Play-Doh) using common electrical equipment available in the lab. Students have been introduced to Ohm’s Law and the Resistance of a Resistor formulas previously, and have had a very brief introduction to building electrical circuits from a schematic from the “Resistivity” Lab. Students have also used ammeters and voltmeters in the resistivity lab, though all the equipment is still quite unfamiliar.

    The goal of this activity is to reinforce Ohm’s Law and the resistance equation in a practical sense, while guiding the students to develop their own experimental procedure and analysis in an inquiry-based format. The added challenge of students working with circuit schematics to design and build their own circuits will also provide them a head start into our next activities, focused on series and parallel circuit analysis.

    Objectives: CIR.A2 I can utilize Ohm’s Law to solve for current, voltage, and resistance.
    CIR.A3 I can calculate the resistance of a conductor
    CIR.B3 I can use voltmeters and ammeters effectively

    Materials: Play-Doh
    DC Power Supply
    Connecting Wires



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