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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Interactive simulation to explore the basic relationships in Newton's Law of Universal Gravitation using Geogebra.


  2. View File SimuLAB: Coulomb's Law APlusPhysics Simulation Lab handout to accompany the APlusPhysics Coulomb's Law mini-lab simulation activity. Submitter FizziksGuy Submitted 11/29/2017 Category Electricity  
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Lab handout to accompany the APlusPhysics Coulomb's Law mini-lab simulation activity.


  4. Draw separate free body diagrams for each of the objects, showing the direction of the forces on each object. For example, for the (2m) mass, you would have a dot with an arrow to the left (T3), and an arrow to the right (T2). The up and down arrows (forces Fn up and mg down) are balanced, so we'll focus on the x-direction. Writing Newton's 2nd Law in the x-direction, since T2 is in the positive direction, we'll leave it as positive, and since T3 is in the -x direction, it will be negative. Therefore T2-T3 = (2m)a.
  5. And THIS is why I avoid New York City...
  6. Fantastic blog post, and a great start on understanding some of the conceptual ideas around time dilation!
  7. Full contact billiards... cool!
  8. That's a mighty cool looking stick!
  9. Never thought of applying conservation of energy to minions... Unique!!!
  10. Nice summary of our last unit!
  11. Wow, learned all sorts of pokethings I didn't know before!
  12. Have you ever tried to make it? How did it come out?
  13. Wow, that's some mighty creative problem writing!!!
  14. That is a paw-some blog post about cats. The physics behind them always landing on their feet (or usually) is meownificent. Great job jumping on this blog post and avoiding procatstination. No kitten, this is pawsitively fantastic.
  15. Used to go to Rock Ventures all the time (nearly 20 years ago) -- it's been around for a while now. Cool stuff -- love all the tensions and physics in the knots!
  16. Looks like several paragraphs all on the same topic -- could perhaps be combined into a single post...
  17. Dropped my daughter once... didn't notice the air resistance kicking in. Did notice the mom resistance kicking in shortly thereafter, however.
  18. If you have a chance, read up a bit on Chuck Yeager (and/or follow his Twitter). An amazing man with an amazing career and a fantastic sense of humor to boot.
  19. Love this! My background is in microelectronic engineering, and I'm even in the middle of putting together a 2-hour workshop on microelectronics (presentation is in December) that will cover much of what you did over the summer. Great discipline, with TONS of fantastic jobs that are fun, challenging, and rewarding. We'll have to talk more...
  20. Old Silverback is my favorite player!
  21. Which is certainly closely enough given various rounding / sig figs. You got it right.
  22. There are several explanations I think. I would probably use the kinematic equations (v0, v, delta_x, a, t), and use those to solve the problem. If you're getting stuck, can you post what you've done so far, and that will give me better information to assist you?
  23. Hi cjt100. So we can better assist, can you tell us what you've tried so far, and where you're getting stuck?

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