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  1. That's a lot of doom and gloom for someone who had a fantastic score on the exam...
  2. FizziksGuy


    You can do it! And as I recall, you didn't "fail" the test so much as receive a score you're not overly thrilled with. Which happens to EVERYONE in here. Keep doing what you're supposed to and it'll all work out.
  3. Absolutely fantastic post, and I love the jumper from Stanley -- that's how you serve aggressive!
  4. Sitting on the third base line can be pretty scary in a big-league game. Especially if you have kids to wrangle who are more interested in their popcorn than the game.
  5. Dear Mr. Vank -- it's fantastic that you landed on the moon... but did you land on time?
  6. Sounds like you're right back in the thick of it... how's school treating you?
  7. Nice job thinking about how to learn efficiently and effectively!
  8. Thanks etracey99! Also hoping you have a great year in APC.
  9. Nice reflections on the video... and the small print disclaimer was cute.
  10. oh my... i'm not quite sure where to begin.
  11. Thrilled to have you in class this year... the flipped classroom (and very independent classroom) environment takes some getting used to, but I'm sure hoping you love it by the time we're done!
  12. Did any of these strongly resonate with you?
  13. That is fun to say! So, have you tried to tie together your interest in video games with math and science? Seems like a great opportunity for a series of blog posts!
  14. FizziksGuy

    I am thee.

    Howdy NightKing! What type of guitar do you play? I have a Seagull, a Taylor, and a 12-string Alvarez, though I'm finding that setting time aside to pull them out and give them the attention they deserve is pretty hard to come by these days. The self-driven format of the class can be frustrating for a while, but just like you said, it does a ton toward helping you build skills that will come in MIGHTY handy in very short order. And you get to do it in an environment in which you have lots of folks rooting for you and willing to step in and assist if/when needed! Don't be anxious about tests. Do your best. If you've done your best, the silly little number the instructor writes on the top when you're finished should be far from the top concern on your mind. If you've done your best, there's nothing more you could have done, so hold your head high and be proud no matter what. And if you didn't do your best, quit slacking!!! Make it a great day!
  15. Thrilled to have you aboard BrandyBoy... I think we'll be able to challenge you a bit this year, maybe the first serious academic challenge you'll face. When you hit that point (and most students do at some point in this class) -- keep in mind you have tons of fans rooting for you, and it's OK to struggle and fail. Failing is the first step to success, and learning how to fail productively is a terribly underestimated skill. Am I hearing the beginnings of some blog posts on how physics relates to boy scouts?
  16. Very well done MadyRice... thank you for doing a quality job with this assignment!
  17. FizziksGuy

    Who Am I?

    I love this introductory blog post, and your willingness to keep pushing yourself year after year. I am interested to hear what folks think the other two hardest classes are... my guesses would be Calc BC and AP Music Theory? Just curious. Sounds like you're up for a fantastic and fun year.
  18. I'm with you Ethan... the physics behind curveballs (curving soccer balls, etc.) and the Magnus Effect is soooo cool!!!
  19. Work hard and things have a way of working out... as for the Trolls movie, with two little girls at home, I think I know it by heart (and am certain my girls can sing and dance to all the songs by heart). The little one's preschool graduation included a dance routine to Sunshine in My Pocket.
  20. FizziksGuy

    About me

    Welcome to AP Physics C! I'm a baseball nut as well, and even had the opportunity to take a course last year on the physics of baseball, taught by the physics department head at SUNY Geneseo, who is also a huge baseball fan. It was fantastic. Thrilled to have you aboard!
  21. Welcome to APC! Thrilled to have you here. Yes, APC is challenging, there's no doubt about it, but much of that 'pain' is offset by the extreme level of independence you're afforded in the class. You're given a roadmap for each unit, a due date, and resources to work toward that goal. How you get there is up to you. Like working in groups? Do it! Like working independently? Do it! Want to take a weekend and just plow through tons of stuff? Fine... Prefer to space things out evenly? It's up to you. It is a lot of work, but I've found that when I know what my ultimate goal is and can see how the work I'm doing pushes me toward it, I feel much more willing to dive in and tackle what needs to be done. Hoping you feel the same at the end of the year!
  22. Glad to have you hear HegelBot. Hoping that half year's worth of resolve can be expanded to a full year's worth of resolve before we hit the halfway point!

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