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  1. Back squats are my fave as well... but 405.  :ass:    Still amazed, though, even for a movement that looks so simple and like it just requires raw power -- just how much technique plays a role in hitting that personal high lift.  I was capped in the 360 range until I adjusted my foot position and hand position just a tiny bit, then all of a sudden 400 was in reach.  Applying the force at just the right spot to maximize your efforts is SOOOO important!

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  2. Absolutely.  I can remember going to a class where we were on the range and a little old lady was learning to shoot and thought she'd be fine because she had a small little "pocket revolver," and was surprised how tough it was to control.  Giving her a much larger semi-automatic, she found hitting the target was a piece of cake.  Larger mass, smaller acceleration, easier to control!

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