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  1. Nicely summarized.  If you fail at something (and we all do at times), there are three things you should do about it:

    • Admit it
    • Learn from it
    • Don't repeat it

    Learning to fail productively is a very important skill in life... and it looks like we're well on our way to learning how to do just that!


  2. Welcome aboard eclark!  The good news about tests in our AP-C class... even if they don't go well, you can learn from them and retake them (each one up to 3 retakes!).  You also have that nice blog score bonus of 100/100 if you keep writing good reflections each week.  Thrilled to have you in the class...  :jig:

  3. You might enjoy the Odyssey One sci-fi series of books by Evan Currie, starting with "Into the Black."  If you have Amazon Prime, it's Kindle version (read on your phone) is free, and besides including a nifty perspective on futuristic space combat, a Dyson Sphere plays a major role in the series plot line.  First couple books in the series are pretty good reads.

  4. Tons of great physics with swings.  I love putting my little girls on swings beside each other and seeing if they can figure out how to out-race the other (recognizing, of course, the swings are basically pendulums and only the length of the swing affects the period.)  No matter how hard she tries, the little one on the longer swing (closer to the ground) can never win...   :jig:   <evil dad tricks>

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