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  1. How about the plan for exiting orbit and returning? Might be important... at least to the Kerbal!
  2. Good pre-flight briefing, but I would recommend thinking through HOW to achieve a stable orbit, how to exit and re-enter, etc.
  3. I would also highly recommend looking a bit more deeply into how to use parachutes / separate the command module from the rest of the rocket. Additional fuel / rockets should not be required for safe re-entry.
  4. Congratulations! Add $60K into your available funds!
  5. Yes, equations given for both parts of the exam.
  6. FizziksGuy

    Week 3

    Glad to hear it went well. The center of mass concept is one that many times allows you to solve problems more simply than traditional 'plug and chug' formulas. You'll find it useful in a variety of units in the course!
  7. I'm not sure we can answer that adequately... at this point with an incorrect formula, the problem starts to become pretty convoluted.
  8. I'm not sure I understand the question... would the block reach the ground first compared to what? There's only one cart moving. Same question for 3c... there's only one thing moving, so nothing to compare it to that can be first or second.
  9. Google is your friend: http://electron6.phys.utk.edu/101/CH7/phase_transitions.htm
  10. Sounds like you'll have a head start on our "post-AP" project!
  11. FizziksGuy

    An Physic C

    Not quite sure I understand what "Mr. Fullerton is for the boys" means, but glad to hear you've gotten something out of the course. I, too, am glad you've stuck with it. Couple more weeks of pushing and the finish line is in sight!
  12. FizziksGuy

    Twilight Physics

    I was right with you up to the part where you said "it isn't that horrible of a movie." The missus made me sit through it once. The post-viewing fever lasted three days. I was right with you up to the part where you said "it isn't that horrible of a movie." The missus made me sit through it once. The post-viewing fever lasted three days.
  13. And of course there's that whole "Gallifrey and the Daleks are time-locked" complication. As corny and goofy as the show is, what always impresses me is the quality of the writing... and I'm really enjoying the fact that my 7-year-old is now all about watching Doctor Who with her dad whenever mom isn't home (Mommy would find it 'inappropriate.')
  14. So thrilled you've enjoyed the course. Recognizing it's the most technically challenging (as well as highest workload), and coupling that with an exceedingly frustrating instructor who is happy to sit back and let you struggle, you've done a mighty nice job in stepping up to the challenge. Only a couple weeks left... don't let up!
  15. You're on the home stretch of a mighty difficult course, not just in content but also in terms of level of independence. You've done well -- keep it up for just a few more weeks!
  16. Nice post! I appreciate how you put some time and thought into it.
  17. When the switch is first closed, the capacitor acts like a wire. Both B and D will have no effective resistance because there is a short from one side of the battery to the other where the capacitor is. For a split second, they will have near zero resistance, and a very large spike in current.

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