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  1. 1. Use parachutes 2. try docking first 3. use a probe first 4. get to minmus first.
  2. Have you guys attempted docking yet? also parachutes are useful for landing on duna using as little fuel as possible. Pics?
  3. That's awesome! I had my first inter-planetary rocket on accident to duna also! Do not take a risk trying to land with your engines. Use the parachutes! Great job!
  4. That's a huge step backward from a mun landing. You land on the mun and now you want to get to 10k?
  5. I dont know of how much of a space station that really is. You should probably launch a tuna can and a few large solar panels and alot of fuel. make it look more space station(ey)
  6. Great job! A first landing feels great, Doesn't it?
  7. Hmm, You should make the nuclear engine decouple-able and have the probe use two parachutes. It then can land with a higher chance of not blowing up. I suggest not doing a manned mission due to the size of the lander and returner. I suggest duna for another target. Requires more delta-V but is a nice place. If you do a manned mission there in the future maybe it could land by parachutes or glide like a plane. Use areo spikes for the plane idea afor theirs no oxygen. Always do unmanned missions first for two reasons. 1. Check if your idea works. 2. Save a possible life in case it fails. Also remember it takes more fuel to land or take off with a actual capsule because they weigh a lot more. But nice job getting into orbit! Once I was getting a probe into orbit but it was failing, So i improvised and was able to intersect the mun's orbit and now it's a mun orbiter. Remember, If something doesn't go to plan try to improvise. Especially with manned capsules. If it cannot return and is manned, Send a rescue probe or crew with fuel or a habitat module.
  8. Ok, Sounds good. Try to get a kerbal in orbit now
  9. Well, I can't see the pictures but sounds good.
  10. *Slowly claps* Great job. you guys should take a look at the lander for your lander(s)
  11. That looks good. Also, Looks l3g1t d4wg, go 4h34d.
  12. Welp, Nice job on the manned satellite and yeah, Docking is really hard. I've had a ton of failed satellites to the mun. I would suggest having a unamnned mission to the mun first. And remember, Safety first! Maybe you could try and take a three or two man capsule into space and have a mini space station with solar panels and science equipment.
  13. Charlie, Please learn how to grammar. And spell.
  14. This is a really good trailer. Although I got into ksp before the trailer, It still really inspired me.
  15. ok. Well, Nice job getting to orbit! now for the mun.....
  16. I'd love to see some mission reports....
  17. Next You might want to send up a one piece space station and attempt a docking. That way you can do a apollo 11 style moon landing. I would suggest looking at blueprints and designs. But great job! Also before you do a manned mission do a probe scouting mission. You might beable to find a good place to land. Greatjob!
  18. Great job at getting into orbit! I believe the rocket could be more efficient bur good for your first try. My first orbital rocket was a over-kill.
  19. You can take screenshots in-game by pressing f1. f2 removes the HUD. Great job on reaching orbit!
  20. Hmm, This looks a lot like one of Scott Manley's tutorial videos. I'll be watching you brazanah Inc.

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