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  1. I'd like to start off my participation on the forum by recommending a mod to expand horizons in the Kerbal Space Program Project: Kethane. Kethane adds a new resource for you to harvest, Kethane, that you can convert into fuel, oxidizer, mono-propellant, and xenon gas. In Kethane, you have to find Kethane deposits and harvest the Kethane within those deposits. Kethane is rare on Kerbin, but is common everywhere else. This Kethane can be included in milestones, such as: Sample - Return a filled tank of Kethane to KSC. Establish a mine - Mine Kethane on another celestial body. Kethane can also be brought to KSC to be sold in the project, allowing students to acquire money through industrialization of their universe. More information can be found here: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/showthread.php/23979-Kethane-Pack-0-4-3-Download-link-now-up-to-date-after-forum-catastrophe
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