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  1. While physics is not for everyone, there are hundreds of students in high school who genuinely love it. It is one of the more difficult subjects to get through, but it can feel very rewarding when you start to learn and understand what it's really all about. Many of these students come to enjoy it so much that they desire to go on to further schooling in college to earn a degree in physics. For these students, and anyone applying for college, the tuition costs can be mind-boggling. Because of this, almost twelve million Americans attending school use some form of student aid to pay for school. However, if you do not know how to use financial aid properly, it can translate into a lot of loans, which then means thousands of dollars in debt. For students just coming out of high school, this is the last thing that they want to be hearing. Instead of becoming part of the statistics, find out more with this infographic and get informed on student loan debt.
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