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  1. I'm happy you decided to take AP-C this year and hopefully we can get you excited about the physics that we'll be learning in this class!
  2. I'm excited to have you in AP-C this year! You're right that this class will be great as a basis for any of the fields you are considering going into and don't forget that we're here to help you at any point this year!
  3. I'm glad you decided to take AP-C this year even if you think that makes you a little crazy! You'll have Mr. Fullerton, Miss Winchester, and me to help you through it!
  4. You're so right that physics is extremely important for flight! One of my friends just graduated with a mechanical engineering degree and went on to graduate school for aerospace engineering. I'm sure he would tell you that this class will help you a lot for your future plans!
  5. Miss_Lawson


    We're happy to have you in physics this year, CSSdigits! Looking forward to exploring the physics involved in basketball with you!
  6. Hi Maddie, I'm glad you decided to take physics this year! Physics is all around you - whether you're watching sports or practicing for your driver's test and we're going to explore that in this class!
  7. Hi Diane - that is a great goal to have for yourself and we will help you reach it! Math and problem solving is a big part of doing physics so it's great that you're looking forward to that too!
  8. Hi Mohamed - I'm glad you decided to take physics this year! We will make it fun and relate it to your life by learning about the physics behind various sports!
  9. Hi Michael, I'm glad you signed up for physics this year so we can enjoy the class together! And don't worry, we will be working on lab summaries and math skills while having FUN doing it!
  10. Hi Ben - physics IS the study of everything in the world and we are going to explore that this year! I hope you can leave this class feeling prepared for whatever come next in your life!
  11. Hi Clare! I'm so glad you decided to take physics this year and there's a lot of physics that goes into cheerleading (think of all the forces involved in a lift!) Also remember that Mr. Fullerton, Miss Winchester, and I are here to help you whenever you need it.
  12. So excited to have you in physics this year and to see your excitement for science and math - we'll be using both in this class!
  13. Hi Hannah! Mr. Fullerton is right, you have plenty of time to find something that you are truly passionate for and in the meantime trying out new subjects may surprise you!
  14. Hi Stephanie, you're right about colleges liking four years of physics but on top of that, we're going to make this class fun! Exploring the physics of softball could be a really interesting topic for one of your blog posts later on!
  15. Celisse, I'm so excited to see everything you do this year in physics and I'm always glad to find a fellow nerd! The idea of "growing knowledge" for yourself will take you far in life, whether it's in Wildlife Biology or some other field you haven't discovered yet.
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