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  1. My name is Christopher Hecht and I am a student in Mr. Fullertons Regents Physics class. I am currently sitting in my Criminal Justice class at the Foreman Center because for some reason my computer wouldnt show the video responses for the homework. I like to hang out with friends and listen to a variety of music and just talk. I like playing video games and play them a lot. Currently, I am employed at the new Webster McDonalds near the Target plaza, next to Walgreens.

    I Chose to take regents physics because when compared to chemistry, it looks a lot more fun. Not only that, when looking at one of the majors i want to take in college, computer science, physics just seems a more useful thing to know. I hope we get to learn a little about astro physics because that section of the subject really interests me, and have already watched several ted talks on the matter. I am looking forward to the class and hope i have a good final year of High School.

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