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    Students taking Regents Physics in Irondequoit High School have determained a way to calculate gravitational acceleration quickly and effectivelly. They preformered a lab in which they produced evidence of this.


    In forming groups of three, the teams gathered a tape measure, stopwatch, and a foam ball. One group member stood on a stool while the other measured the distance the ball would be dropped from the member standing on the stool. The member dropping the ball uses the stopwatch to eliminate delay error once the ball was dropped. The team calculated the time it took for the ball to be dropped to the time it hit the floor. Using the time, the distance it fell and the initial velocity of 0 m/s, the students used the kinematic equation d=vit+1/2at^2 to determain the acceleration. Afterwords, they calculated their percent error to be 29.7%.


    Using this method, now anyone can learn to calculate the gravitational acceleration of a falling object.


    By: Ben, Sabrina and Clare

  2. Hi! My name is Clare Mannion and I am a junior at IHS. I am a varsity cheerleader and I love it. I have been cheering for 7 years and couldn't imagine my life without it. I also work at Cam's Pizzeria. School, cheer, and work basically take up my whole schedule so I don't do much besides that.


    I chose to take physics this year because it was the next course in the science curriculum. I don't know anything about physics, but I'm willing to learn about it and have an open mind for this year even though science is definitely not my favorite class. 

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