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  1. When saving someones life using an AED is a good idea but only if you do it right. You put the pads on the upper right and lower left. You do this because the shock wants to go the ground. The shock comes out of both pads and wants to travel to the other pad. The heart can only take so much current before it shorts out and cannot be revived. The current that passes through the heart of an AED is just enough to get anyones heart going as long as you get there in time. After the shock is administered then the AED monitors the body to see if there are any vibrations and to check the frequency of the waves to see if they are in rhythm, it they are you saved there life, if not do it again.
  2. Everyone has seen frozen. When Sven is running down the hill at the end the foot prints that are left in the snow are very inaccurate. There is snow on the mountain and therefor reduces the coefficient of friction. The speed at which he is running seems to accelerate and then flatten out. The foot prints have no slide marks and running this fast with all the weight on his back is impossible to not have slide marks, because gravity would pull him down the hill with a steep grade and the snow reduces the friction.
  3. The doppler effect is not just in space with the red shift as the universe is expanding, it is all around us. Ever hear a car as it is speeding passed, how it gets louder and higher pitched as it gets closer and quieter and lower pitched as it gets farther away. Well that happens because when an object moves the sound waves get really close together and create a higher frequency and when they are behind the object they tend to get pulled. The speed of sound is when the waves are moving at the same frequency as the sound travels through the air.
  4. When you look in the mirror you see yourself right? Well that is true and not true at the same time. You see parts of yourself. When light waves bounce off the mirror at the same angle as they come in then they go into your eye. Then the image is projected upside down in your retina and you mind has to use its prior knowledge of light and shape to fill in the wholes and reverse the image. You know more about physics then you thought, even when you were an infant.
  5. Surfing happens on waves in the ocean. When you start out and are sitting on the board, the wave moves toward the shore as you move in the opposite direction, this is why you feel the bobbing motion. When you turn around to catch a wave you want to paddle at the same frequency as the wave to make sure you stay with it and don't just bounce of it, when you bounce over it, it is not as much fun. Then when the crest of the wave comes over the trough then you want to ride the top of the wave to shore.
  6. Swings, the calming effect of going back and forth. The swing is a very common thing to see at a playground of on a front porch. It is basically a pendulum. But it could also be a mass on a tension. The chain or rope has to hold the swing, but also the mass that sits or stands upon it. This simple device used to please kids have ruined may high schoolers lives by showing up on tests and ruining their grade, the the circle has in math. Now very nice in concept of using the math that has to be done with it can be brutal. The acceleration and the force which it needs to be pushed to keep it at a cons ten speed all can be calculated with certain equations.
  7. We all the know the show the Big Bang Theory. Their is Leonard the calm collective and most normal. Howard and his obsession with girls. Rosh who can't even talk to girls, and of course Sheldon, the obnoxious theoretical physicist. Now what this show does well is get all the physics right but still have the humor. The way they present the science while making a joke of it really capture audiences. Sure most of the time you never understand what the physics is but that is half the fun. They way you don't know and then Sheldon gets mad at everyone you don't take it to heart of feel stupid of you don't get it. The whole point is not to get it.
  8. Now we all the the best ice show around is disney on ice. Come on it's disney. There is a lot of physics that go with it. If you think about it the ice skaters are human projectiles. They launch themselves in the air on an angle and leap in the shape of a parabola. This is projectile motion. They also do spins and sometimes in the air. This is circler motion. All the force points to the center and if they they stop they will drift tangent to where they stop. They also have momentum. Without it they could not maintain there spins or land their jumps. Sometimes in the show the skaters pair up and become one mass of momentum. When this happens no momentum is lost. When the show ends the physics never stop with the clean up doing work and the skater rehearsing what they messed up.
  9. Now most people think work is sitting as a desk thinking and doing paper work. The fact is the work that you are actually doing is not the work that you think you are doing. The work is moving the pencil across the page now what you though of in your head. Work is force times displacement. That has nothing to do with brain power. Construction is work we tend to think is doing less work then say a CEO of a big compony. This in face is not true, the construction worker is using more for and moving things more places then a CEO would ever do. They just sign papers and hold meetings. The fact of the matter is, we seem to pay less for doing more work in terms of physics then we do just sitting around.
  10. We know what they are, we ride them all the time, but how to they work. They are build like stairs. Stairs for this very obese country are a problem, people don't like to use them because they don't want to do work. People do not like exerting a force to push themselves up the stairs a certain displacement to do work. They want the escalator to do it for them, they want to be pulled up. So you stand on a stair and have the escalator with it's belt of flatting stairs use it's tension to exert the force to move you up or down. So when the escalator is broken we all mone and gron because now we have to do our own work.
  11. if you think about it, we go against gravity every day. Just getting out of bed you have to fight gravity to sit up. You have to fight it to jump up to grab something on the top shelf if you are short like me . You have to defy in when you are sitting at your desk on the third floor of school. Gravity would want you down at ground level not learning physics three floors up. Therefor we have a love hate relationship with gravity. We depend on it to keep us grounded, but we want to get away from it to do our normal activities.
  12. People often find joy in racing down a mountain on two thin sticks. This requires some physics. One to go fast you need to reduce the air resistance, to do this one must crouch down so you are more aerodynamic. Then without gravity you would not be able to speed down the hill, or stay on the mountain for that matter. Lastly for the ski lift to pull you up the mountain there needs to be a large amount of force pulling you up along with the heavy metal chairs and the lot of other people.
  13. When you work in a group depending on who you are with you can have many different reactions. If you are working in a group that you like with some of your friends, your endorphins in your brain will be more abundant. Now for the neurons to fire that requires some physics. First off the neurotransmitters need to have a force to push them through the synaptic gap. This allows them to reach the dendrites of the next neuron to put a force in the opposite direction to stop the transmitters. Then the chemical signals change to electrical. This then uses more force to travel down the axon and and reach the terminal branches which starts the process all over again, therefor releasing more endorphins making you happy.
  14. This is really cool, i love the photos.
  15. Tennis is a very popular sport in modern world. There are five grand slams and many tennis clubs around the world. The sport requires force. With the strings connect with the ball, for the ball to move a force needs to be applyed. This force sends the ball hopfuly over the net. The distace the ball travels depends on the spin of the ball. There is top spin, which makes the ball go over the net and then just drop to the ground. Then there is the back spin which when the ball bounces dosn't bouce forward bu slightly backwards. you never want to hit a ball flat because then the distace would be to great for the ball to stay in depending on the amount of force that you put behind the ball when hitting it. There you have the very basic physics of tennis.
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