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  1. Danny, Ben, Celeena, Alana, Mackenzie #1; The problem of our assignment was more of a question: how many people speed on cooper road? The way we went about this was measuring out 30 meter strips of road and timed cars as they passed us what we found was that most cars where around 2.90 seconds per 30 meters #2; First, you must decide how you are going to collect your data and what your graph is going to look like. Secondly, go outside and measure out 30 meters in two different spots. Then, one person with a stop watch at the beginning of the 30 meters and another person at
  2. My name is Daniel but i go by Danny Iam 17 years old and a senior. some things I am interested in are snowboarding, freerunning and practically any sport except baseball and golf. I'm taking physics because I want to someday persue a career in a physics field.
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