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  1. Car collisions happen everyday all over the world just like how physics is used every single day all over the world. Physics has a big part in accidents involving vehicles due to the force, momentum, acceleration and collision that occurs. The force which cars are brought upon each other depends on how great the acceleration is of the moving vehicle. The faster the car is moving, the greater the force will be as it hits the other car. The amount of force that accidents are caused by are largely dependent on Newton's laws. Objects in motion will stay in motion, therefore when a car is moving towards the other and crashes into it, it's because while the vehicle is moving at a high speed it's hard to come to a complete stop before the collision into the other.
  2. The laws of physics apply to football in many ways. Gravity is key because when the football is thrown in the air or the kicker kicks the ball, it goes upwards but gravity must pull it back down to the ground after it reaches maximum height. Gravity and force also occurs when the force of the running back runs into the defensive player, and when the players tackle one another to the ground. Football players also have certain velocities and their speed accelerates when they run faster and faster toward the end zone.Kinematic equations can be used to determine all including the player's velocity, distance traveled across the field, accelerations and time it takes to make it to the end zone with a touchdown.
  3. when tearing up narps on the lax field, physics has never crossed my mind and probably never will but It is a primo example of some key concepts. when you pass the ball many forces act upon it that effect the flight path. since it is a projectile and follows a parabolic motion you can calculate vi vf d a t. also when you crack people trying to come into your house your momentum is usually greater than theirs causing them to fall.
  4. there are many things in the relm of killing things that go along with physics. one being when shoot a gun you are giving a projectile velocity that is effected on by gravity, friction and air resistance. you can calculate the property's of this by using kinematic equations. another thing the happens is when you shoot something out of the air it is important to find it after the kill. you could use vectors to draw a triangle with measurements than use the Pythagorean thermo to locate the animal. finally when you are meandering around the woods looking for critters to shoot at you create vectors bc you are walking with magnitude and direction
  5. very cool riley, hope your leg gets better
  6. Hello everyone my name is jack bowes and I am going to tell you about me an my interests. In my free time I enjoy to be outdoors. You can find me hunting ,fishing or riding anything with a motor. I also am on the varsity lacrosse team as a defensemen. I am taking physics to learn more about matter and energy and prepare myself for college level thinking. I hope this article helps for people to get to know me and why I am involved in this course.
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