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  1. Drifting is when a driver oversteers,or the car exceeds its tire's limits of adhesion, to cause a loss of traction in the rear wheels, when the rear slip angle of a car is greater than the front slip angle. In doing so the front wheels point in the opposite direction of the turn, the car is going left but the wheels are pointed right. Every time we turn a vehicle we resist the change of direction due to Inertia. Simply put, inertia is the amount of resistance to a change in velocity or momentum. Newton's first law of motion connects to this because he said that an object at rest stays at rest or continue with constant velocity unless acted upon by an outside force. So an object will continue as it was unless some external force comes in and messes everything up. Inertia is most often masked by effects of friction and air resistance both decrease speed of moving objects and gravity.The friction between the tires and the road and allow the front wheels to break traction. Turning the steering wheel in the opposite direction, intertia of the car that is trying to slide in the opposite direction is added to the force applied by the engine and the friction of traction between the tires and the road. If the car is front-wheel drive, the rear tires weigh less so they break traction first which causes the rear to slide out. Lifting the throttle makes another weight transfer and enables the rear wheel to weigh even less. Such physics was applied in the movie Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift. the main character had to master the physics of drifting to beat the antagonist. This called from some amazing racing/drifting scenes. Physics is everywhere whether we acknowledge it or not. But be careful when trying to drift - no saying that you should try, honestly I can't stop you- if the center of gravity is too high you will roll over instead of sliding. Drifting scene from Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift : Learn to drift:
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    Its 95 degrees out, you've been outside all day whether it be playing sports, doing errands, or just relaxing. But as soon as you enter your house, you run to the refrigerator and grab the jug of water in desperation. You grab the jug of water in desperation and pour yourself a glass. As the water trickles down your throat a freezing sensation starts in your mouth and works its way through your esophagus and the rest of your body. Water is the life source to all humanity and living things. Water has many different wonders, one of which has to do with a spin on your previous knowledge of photosynthesis. Water, carrying nutrients, must overcome gravity to reach the great heights of many trees in order to sustain them. This is caused by the complex design of the polar water molecule. It has on positive side and one negative side, with this they form hydrogen bonds with other water molecules. Water too bonds with whats around it like, take for example, a narrow glass with a small opening, the water molecules would not only form bonds with each other but also with the glass. In doing so, the water molecules act as links in a chain as the water climbs up the sides of the glass. Adhesion and cohesion, relating to the aforementioned example, are also forces demonstrated in a tree as water goes up through the roots to the trunk through capillaries. Water creates an upward pull that transmits through water molecules below they both lift up the water to each leaf branch, etc. In an essence, water is capable and does climb great lengths. Water is one of the many necessities need to keep Humans alive and well so let us not take that for granted.
  3. For the first time this weekend, I played Billiards - better known as pool - and although I lost I throughly enjoyed it. I loved the challenge of getting all the striped balls in one of the "pockets" - holes. Nothing in this world can escape the world of physics. The overall objective of pool is to hit all the striped balls- or the solid colored balls- into one of the pockets using a solid white ball. Technique was needed to hit the white ball the perfect way which enabled you to get a ball in the pocket. This skill was the contact with the ball and the cue. You must hit the ball in the sweet spot if you want to win. But there are many forces acting on the ball; there is the force the cue exerts on the ball when it strikes, acceleration due to gravity, the force of the billiard table- a frictional force. The center mass of the ball too plays a part. All these forces interact multiple times as the game is played. Also Newton's first law: "an object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion unless acted upon by an outside force," applies to pool. The balls stay at rest when they're in the rack, but once you remove the rack and break the formation with the white ball, you've added another force to the mix. Now the balls break from formation and speed across the billiard table until friction finally stops them, then they stay at rest until you aim the white ball at them and fire!
  4. A man with no extraterrestrial powers, takes the title of Batman or The Dark Knight, a well-known Superhero. How? By using human knowledge of physics. In the movie The Dark Knight Rises, Batman finds himself trapped in an underground prison with no way out but to climb the seemingly impossible, extremely tall, cylinder rock walls. It was a daunting task, one of which got Batman injured the first time he attempted it. But on his second try he didn't rely on the rope that was provided, instead he gave all responsibility to his muscles and determination to make it out alive to save the world. His muscles did all the physical work by adding kinetic energy to his body. Since he decided not to give himself a running start, he had to accelerate his body in a single movement. This proved really risky given the circumstances. Although there wasn't much space, a moving jump(running start) would have allowed Batman to introduce additional vertical velocity while conserving as much horizontal momentum as possible. With this moving jump Batman could have had more energy and it would have enabled him to jump a greater distance.
  5. Cross country for 6 years? WOW! (:
  6. Swim team captain and senior class president?! That's awesome! It's also a good idea to keep college expectations in mind in order to excel and create opportunities for yourself whether it be scholarships,etc. (:
  7. Hey! My name is Imani. I am a senior this year. I love to hang out with my friends( when I'm not stuck doing school-work or chores) and I have a deep passion for photography. I also love traveling. I know that I'm bound to find out more about myself as time goes on; whether it will be newly discovered abilities,interests,etc. I'm taking physics because it was the next level for me. I hope to learn something that has application and relativity to life after school. There are so many classes where the relevance is unclear. I would like to come from this class learning something new that I will actually remember. I also heard there are fun projects so I'm looking forward to them.
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