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  1. Diane, Emily, Clare, Marisa, Michaela

    Speeding Lab

    1. Each group is given ten minutes to collect data on the speeds of ten vehicles. There should be a clear description of the vehicle on the data table. From the data, you can conclude whether or not drivers obey the speed limit on Cooper Road.


    1. 1- Plan the strategy that your group is planning to use in the procedure.

    2- Gather materials (2 timers, tape measure)

    3- Go outside to the designated road.

    4- Measure two 25 meter distances on the sidewalk which you’re going use in the data table and graph.

    5- Have two timers lined at the starting and ending point of each 25 meter section.

    6- The groups should designate a data collector and record how long it takes each car to go 25 meters.

    7- Gather the speed and repeat until 10 cars pass.

    6.) If we have to perform this lab again, we should have a longer distance for a more accurate average speed. We could also gather more specific data on more cars. The results show that the ten cars followed the speed limit. Each average speed is under 15.6 m/s.

  2. I am not only a student but also a full time athlete, as I hope to be in college. As this year has just started I am already in recuiting process for college. I devote to soccer but am at a pause right now due to my injury. I like reading poetry, but love writing it. I enjoy adventures and listening to music.

    I am in physics because I want to go for the advanced diploma and it will stretch my strengths in academics. I hope that it will incorporate math because that way it is a two in one type of course. I hope to learn and master the curriculum. Physics will be challenging because sciences are not my strength but I have set a goal to receive an 80 or above on the final.

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