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    Speakers can cost hundreds of dollars to go with an awesome sound system but you can make your own as well. In order to do so you just need to learn the physics behind doing so. First electrical energy from the ipod tranfers and converts into magnetic energy which then converts to sound waves and hit against our ear drums which then converts again so we can understand them. A simple speaker can be made using a business card, wire, aux cord, a bowl and a magnet. Once you set everything up the cup in the bowl creates a louder noise and the cylindrical paper makes the noise clearer. Vibration mov
  2. alf095


    When most people think of waves they think of the waves at the beach. But there are many different types such as sound waves versus microwaves. All together there are two main types, electromagnetic and mechanical. Radio waves would fall under electromagnetic since no medium is required. As you listen to the radio the channel you choose is determined by the frequency which is the amount of waves per second or 1/P. Compared to other electromagnetic waves, radio waves have a smaller frequency but a larger wave length. Wave lengths can be determined by measuring a wave from crest to crest which i
  3. alf095

    Shooting An Arrow

    Archery has become a very popular sport in todays world. But in order to be great you must understand the physics behind it. When you draw back the string and anchor it in order toa im you are creating potential energy in the string. The more tension in your string allows for a greater potential energy. Once you release your string all that potential energy you had tranfers into the arrow as kinetic energy. Although its not as great as it could because some of the energy is also lost in friction from the arrow leaving the string. The force given through the energy as it launches across the roo
  4. alf095

    A Spinning Cat

    So my cat has a favorite chair he claims as his own, it's out swivel computer chair. He likes to get a running start to go jump onto it as you're walking towards it. His running starts allows for him to get a high acceleration which transfers to centripetal acceleration onto the spinning chair. In order for him to get a really good spin he needs a high velocity since he's already a big cat with alot of mass. With such a high acceleration and velocity his landing on the chair transfers some of the landing force making the chair move. But, he hasnt perfected this yet because if he was to perfect
  5. alf095


    In the movie The Sorcerer's Apprentice the main character Dave is a "science nerd", which he is proud of. Very proud. He careated a device that when sparks fly out of a tower, music is created. At one point he even makes it so it plays a song by One Republic. He says it's because the speed at which the spark travels and hits another metal object and the amount of the coils around the tower creates the noise. This noise is also known as sound waves. This is one case where the movie is right in a way, usually movies aren't correct in their information. The coils he made are called solenoids, wir
  6. When working at a pizza place physics is all around you. The pizza makers use a lot when rolling out the dough and making it fancy by tossing it into the air. As the pizza spins up you are using the centripetal acceleration and centripetal force. In order to figure out the force you use the equation F=mac so you must find ac with the equation ac=v^2/r. V represents the speed and r the radius of the dough. Also you must think of physics when you're just moving around the store. As you try to move and stop quickly you usually slide a little bit on the flour thats on the floor. To figure just ho
  7. Bowling is an activity that can be done as a sport or just for fun with a group of your family or friends. Some might not realize it but a lot goes behind the movements to make it work. First you have your potential energy in your starting stance. Right before you bowl most people begin in their stance to aim the ball or right before you wing it because you cant aim. As your arm swings down and you release the ball you are transferring your energy into the ball and convert the potential into kinetic energy. If you were to add up these two different energies you would have calculated your total
  8. Most kids play with a slinky when they were little. That is until it gets tangled and twisted then it's no fun.When you push a slinky down the stair or a pile of books you created as a path, it requires energy to do so like everything else. But the energy required for this to work is elastic potential energy or the potential energy of a spring. PEs for short has the equation of (1/2)kx^2. As you push the slinky down the path the length of the slinky becomes the x value. The x value represents the compression or amount of stretch the spring has. Next you just need to find the k, or the constant
  9. Snowball fights are a favorite for the cold weather. Many people complain through because they can't throw it or it'd be a weak attempt. Understanding physics could change that for many. For starters, you would want a 45 degree angle giving you the maximum distance possible. This was explained during the projectile unit earlier in the year. You must also follow through afterwards in order to give it as much force as you can. The greater the force applied can leave you to a better fight because it will help the ball fly. Plus, the follow through allows you greater contact with the ball which cr
  10. Sledding is one of many favored winter evetns. But, there's alot fo physics that goes behind it. For starters, the friction going down the snowy hill will be minimal due to the plasic on an icy surfact. THis will allow you to go much faster due to a lesser amount of friction. If you wanted to calculate the amount of friction u just have to remember "friction is fun" and use Ff=uFn. If you wanted to get the fastest speed you should also take into account your distance, start velocity, the hill slope and your total mass. A heavier mass will weigh you down but depenign on your other factors that
  11. Music is amazing and surrounds us everyday. At first it may not seem like physics is in music because come on, it's music. But because physics is well...everything...it has to be in music. Because music is sound you just have to look at the physics of sound. When you're blasting your music and you can feel the bass as its playing you're experiencing sound waves. These aren't your usual waves,this are compressional waves in which you cant see. If you've done certain math classes you may remember that there is more to compressional waves. These waves have a frequency to them which is how many
  12. Being a middle child of 3, I've done my share of locking my brothers out of the house. You close the door, lock it, then race to the back door just in time to lock that as well and still get a chance to make a face at the one stuck outside. Quite the fun until you're the one locked out. Having done this routine recently, I started to think about all the physics that's behind this. For starters, by slamming the door your exerting a force onto it. The force I push onto it becomes a greater force then the force exerted from the hinges. Then the big race to the other side includes alot of accel
  13. alf095

    The Boo Brothers

    I never realized before how physics is everywhere until I started watching a movie. Most of the time cartoons dont seem to follow the rules of physics and it becomes obvious. While watching "Scooby Doo Meets the Boo Brothers", I realized Scooby and Shaggy dont really follow the physics when running from the ghosts or people. They kinda just decide to do their own thing like usual. So, Scooby and Shaggy jump up in the air, start running in air then zip off into the distance running away. But what comes up must come down. They should just fall back down due to gravity and no force pushing the
  14. The method had such a high percent error due to many different places. One area could be a delay timing in hitting the button as you jumped and landed. Another coiuld be when reading the stick. Once you jumped you had to measure the difference but our group only measured the changed not the complete distance which is what you calculate with the formula.
  15. Breaking News Gravity! The young physicists at Irondequoit High School have calculated the acceleration due to gravity in a new experiment. To Find this they first measured the distance from the floor to the botttom of a ball. Then a person dropped the ball while timing it to figure out how long it would take. After three trials of this, they calculated the average of all three trials to find the accceleration. The students found out that the acceleration was 5.5m/s2. The accepted number is 9.81m/s2 and their percent error turned out being 43.9%. In the end the findings were considered inac
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