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    Like a sound wave, the waves produced by drums are longitudinal. The vibration produced when a drum is hit creates pressure waves in the air. These pressure waves describe the sound. The more the drum head bends, the volume of sound increases, a higher frequency is created and the amplitude if affected. Pitches of drums range from low frequency basses to high frequency pitches. Like a speaker which amplifies sound through the air, noise from the drums travel to our ears because of the sound vibrations and type of waves. When the vibrating drum vibrates the air molecules around it, it does so at the same frequency to produce a beautiful sound.
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    Airsoft guns demonstrate many basic concepts of physics and wouldn't be able to work the way they do without physics. These guns include velocity, kinetic energy, impact energy, length, diameter and more. The first factor that comes to mind when range is involved includes velocity. Velocity with airsoft guns determines how powerful the gun is and how much damage it could potentially do. This shows how energy ad power is also involved with airsoft guns. Many types of physics equations can be used to determine factors such as power, energy, velocity etc. Next, the diameter of the small BB's determines how far and fast they will travel after leaving the gun. All in all, each characteristic incorporated with BB guns demonstrates the characteristics of physics.
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    As much as people listen to music for the beauty and sound, no one really sees the physics behind music and sound waves. Sound is an example of a mechanical wave. A mechanical wave is a wav that propagates as an oscillation of matter, and transfers energy through a medium. mechanical waves transfer energy only. Sound is a wave created by vibration moving from one medium to another. These vibrations are the reason why we can hear sounds such as music. With music speakers, am object vibrates in the air, and these air particles move around them. This carries the pulse of vibration as a traveling disturbance. This shows how the basis for an understanding of sound and music is the physics of waves.
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    The amount of physics in all types of cars and in all types of categories is overwhelming. But when it comes to power, smaller cars seem to be the faster moving ones. BMW's are small luxury cars which most people may not look past the looks and understand he amount of physics they move with. BMW's horsepower ranges from 280 HP-335HP, all depending on the type of BMW model. Horsepower is a physics term which is measured in watts. Watts are the unit of power and one horsepower is equal to 745.699872 watts. Physics incorporates itself into all o this even more because many equations can be used to determine things like power, energy and work. Example: P= W/t = Fd/t = Fv
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    Christmas Lights

    Christmas lights are a perfect example which physics is wildly incorporated in. The lights that are wrapped around Christmas trees and houses use power and energy and are measured in watts. They are circuits which means that current flows within them to keep them lit up. These Christmas light circuits begin working when one end is being plugged into an outlet to begin the flow of energy. But the cool thing about these lights is that if one bulb goes out, the rest of the string is able to remain lit. Most Christmas lights are made of incandescent bulbs connected to an electric circuit. When electric current is going through the circuit, it becomes hotter, which creates the light and is ultimately the reason for why bulbs eventually burn out!
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    To begin, down hill skiing requires high speed motion and quick turns on the slopes. skiers gain speed by converting potential energy into kinetic energy while working their way down the hill. Based on how heavy a skier is, it will determine the speed/velocity in which they are moving at. A heavier skier typically means that they will have a greater speed compared to a smaller skier (less mass). When a skier travels down a hill, the friction between the skis and slopes can seem very little because of how fast the skier is moving. Although, with less experienced skiers who prefer to travel slower down the hill, a technique called "plowing" is typically used to slow down the speed at which they are moving at. The "plow" method is when the skis are angled inward toward each other, creating more friction which ultimately slows down the skier's speed. All in all, the important concepts of physics such as energy and speed also apply to skiing.
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    Race Car Driving

    Driving cars in the first place requires a huge amount of physics but race car driving includes even more. Because in many cases of car races, the end result happens to be a crash or collision. Collisions between cars demonstrates physics because such collisions can consist of elastic and inelastic collisions. An inelastic collision is when kinetic energy is not conserved, in contrast to an elastic collision where the total kinetic energy after the collision is the same as the total kinetic energy before the collision. Friction is also key in race car driving because when drivers need to make quick turns on the track, friction allows them to make sharp, speedy turns while keeping them from sliding right off the track. Cars also have energy and power and because of this, it allows them to travel at extremely high speeds and maintain such speeds on the track. The greater speed being traveled by the car means that the power also increases and if a collision were to occur, it would be greater due to the amount of energy and speed being obtained by the race car.
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    The sport of diving requires lots of focus, strength, athleticism and physics. Unless you take a deeper look into diving, you may not realize how much of a role physics plays in it. Diving first of all has to do with velocity/speed, distance, time and acceleration; which are all components of kinematics and include variables used to solve kinematic equations in physics. The speed at which the diver is moving can be used to determine the time it takes for them to go from the diving board to the surface of the water. There is also momentum in diving from the time that the diver takes off and by the time they hit the water, and momentum relates back to scalars and vectors because momentum itself is a vector quantity.
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    Hockey & Physics

    There is physics apart of all sports. An example of a sport with some of the most obvious characteristics of physics includes one of the most physical sports there is, hockey. To begin, the speed involved with hockey plays a key role in how the sport is played and speed is also a large part of physics. Momentum: "The quantity of motion of a moving body, measured as a product of its mass and velocity." Hockey also requires momentum and the weight of the players is what keeps them moving on the ice. What also keeps the players moving on the ice is the friction between his/her skates and the ice. Without friction, hockey players wouldn't be able to move and skate around on the ice. It's very clear that hockey would be an impossible game to play if it weren't for physics.
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    Amusement Parks

    You wouldn't think, but there is physics everywhere and somewhere where there is more physics than people would think includes amusement parks. Roller coasters and amusement park rides require so much physics in order to keep things safe and secure. When a roller coaster is going down a hill at speeds over 50 miles per hour, it is because there is a conversion of potential energy to kinetic energy when the coaster moves down the hill. Also, when the carts are speeding down the tracks and around corners, friction keeps the wheels from sliding off of the tracks. Without a transfer in energy or the friction due to the coaster wheels, roller coasters wouldn't be capable of going up & down hills, around turns or upside down on loops. Physics is also apart of amusement parks because roller coasters also require speed, acceleration and energy! Acceleration will tell how fast the cart travels after 0 m/s and the quicker the acceleration is, the more exciting a ride will be as a result. Roller coasters are all about acceleration and that's what makes them thrilling.
  11. Exercise and physical activity require tons of physics, and bike riding consists of one which includes all different aspects of physics. Riding a bike first of all takes energy and force when going up and down hills, going around corners and even just traveling forward. Peddling up a hill specifically, requires greater energy rather than when the bike moves down a hill because gravity takes care of the object moving downward. Bike riding also uses the concepts from kinematic equations such as velocities, distance, time and acceleration. These all have important roles in this specific physical activity because acceleration can depend on how fast a bike is moving and result in a certain speed and distance that this object travels. Finally, bike riding can also connect to Newton's laws of motion because when a bike is in motion, it stays in motion and when it is at rest, the bike will remain at rest.
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    Gymnastics is a sport which like every other, is full of physics. Each event, bars, beam, vault and floor, all include examples that prove how physics is literally everything. But the balance beam specifically includes an event within gymnastics that denonstrates a range of physics. While a gymnast tries to balance on a beam, gravity is the key component. Because gravity pulls downward, it makes it more difficult for a person to be able to balance without falling. Performing on the balance beam also requires great stability, forces and types of motion. The faster that a gymnast's movement is, the speed and acceleration increases and the pull of gravity also increases. If the gymnast were to lose balance, gravity is able to do nothing but to let you fall straight to the floor.
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    Any sport using any type of ball revolves completely around physics and football includes a sport that has lots of characteristics of physics. When a football is thrown, it is done so at a certain angle and whatever angle it was thrown at will create a certain speed and distance that the ball will travel. A ball thrown at 45 degrees will result in a longer distance compared to another football being thrown at a degree such as 20. Football also demonstrates physics because both throwing and catching the ball consists of different forces to create its movement.
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    Because there is physics in everything, physics occurs in cheerleading. Jumps are one example and flying is another key example. When a cheerleader is thrown into the air, it connects to physics because of gravity and the impact that gravity has on different masses. For example, when an individual is tossed upward, they will obviously fall back down at a certain point while they're in the air because gravity pulls objects to the center of the earth. The greater the mass, the faster the object in the air will be pulled back downward.
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    I'm ready to take on physics with ya
  16. Hey Clare bear. I'm excited for cheer and physics with you this year!
  17. Hellloo. I am Emily and I'm a junior at Irondequoit high school. In school my favorite subject is probably English because I love to write and unfortunately, Science classes are definitely my weaker and least favorite subject. Out of school I am on the varsity cheerleading team and this is my first year cheering. I am one of six kids so my home life is pretty hectic and chaotic yet fun at the same time. I am participating in Physics this year because I have to. I mean if I had a choice I probably would have chosen this science course over another because it seems the most interesting and worth learning about. Even though I have not had the best past with some Science classes, I am ready to take on Physics and hopefully get an A in the class.
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