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  1. Physics is involved in our everyday lives, whether we like it or not. One of the things that we do on a daily basis is drive- there's lots of physics in driving! Ever think about why the gas/break petals push back up after you step on them? That's because when you push on the breaks, the break petal pushes back onto you. To get more in depth, Newton's 3rd law applies to driving because when you drive, the action force is pushing against the road and the reaction of the road is pushing against the tires. Also when a car hits a person (let's hope this doesn't happen), the person hits the car. To sum this all up, when you put energy and force into an object, energy and force comes back to you.
  2. Physics and tennis go together like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich- Literally! I mean, how else do you think the ball is able to meet contact with the racket or what position the racket must be in to hit the ball? IT"S ALL PHYSICS! The fastest serve ever recorded in the world is 155MPH by the famous player Andy Roddick. But how is one able to do so? Well let me explain. When you toss the ball up in the air, the player will press their feet against the ground and build up on potential energy. Then rotating the hips, legs, shoulders and with the swing of the arm, all of that maximum energy is used to create a perfect cross-court serve. Occasionally if one hits a spectacular serve, you can get what is called an "ace". An ace is basically when your opponent does NOT meet any sort of contact with the ball, and of course you receive the winning point. Yay! Another way that tennis and physics are related is through topspin. A topspin is created when you hit your forehand shot (swinging low to high on the right side of your body and when the racket slides up and over the ball as it is struck. This makes it so you created a lower angle to the ground, making is harder for your opponent to return the ball. Pretty cool huh? you just learned not only how tennis and physics are related, but also how to hit pretty cool forehand shots and serves! Hope this helped!
  3. Woah! Loved reading this- it was pretty cool.
  4. Very well stated, pugly100. Very cool to read about how tennis and physics work together. Excellent!
  5. DANNYYYYYYYY! Mr. Guercio would be über proud of your two paragraphs! Haha, just kidding. I hope physics is everything you wish it will be!
  6. Haha, I hope you will enjoy physics as much as I plan to! Shoot for the stars! P.s: hi Jackie lol
  7. My life has always consisted of several things. From playing various amounts of sports, to exploring the outdoors - Even reading a new, interesting book. I've always been fascinated with the idea of "growing knowledge" for myself as well as others. However, science has always caught my greatest attention. When I was younger, I would always go to the library & pick up books about science - whether it be about life, biology or even outer space! Yes, I guess I'm a nerd at heart, but nerds are cool! My love for sports continues to this day as I play 1st doubles on the high school's girls varsity tennis team. Also, I am a youth sports instructor at the YMCA, teaching sports like basketball, tennis, soccer, etc. I hope that my love for gaining knowledge & staying active continuously grows, as I excel in life as well. The reason I am taking physics is because of many reasons. One being I love science (point, blank, period.) Another being that I wish to major in Wildlife Biology in college, and physics is definitely something I'm going to have to get used to & enjoy. Lastly, colleges LOVE seeing 4 years of math & science. So it's beneficial in any & every way! Physics will help me to further expand my knowledge of science & how everything in life works! Making this class a definite must for me!
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