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  1. The purpose of the Speeding Lab was to measure the speed of 10 vehicles driving down Cooper Road. The speed limit on Cooper Road is 35 mph (15.6 m/s, or 56.3 km/hr). In this procedure, we set up the tape measure for 50 meters. We had one of our team members, Justin, stand at the 25 meter mark and record the time it took for a car to get from him from the starting point of 0 meters. Another one of our team members, Zach,  stood at the 50 meter mark and copied down the time it took for each car to travel from the 25 meter mark to the 50 meter mark. In conclusion, we recorded the data for a total of 10 cars. For our results, we observed that only 2 of the 10 we marked were over the speed limit, and 8 were not speeding. One way we could improve our work is to make sure that the time keepers know exactly when to start their stop watches. Another way we could improve this lab is to not make the 50 meter mark at a stop light because cars are slowing down as the light goes from yellow to red.  

         The question, "Is there a speeding problem on Cooper Road?", doesn't have a straight foward answer according to our results because we may have had errors and maybe our data wasn't one hundred percent accurate. From what we did observe, not many cars are speeding down Cooper Road and from reading our results, we can say that there is not a speeding problem on Cooper Road. The data that we all had collected clearly shows that only 2 cars marked were speeding and majority of cars that we marked were not speeding. Our answer may vary from other groups' results because our set ups were different and we may have measured different cars than other groups did. If we wanted to have a more accurate answer to this question, we would have to measure every car's speed that drives down Cooper Road over the course of a day. To conclude, we say that there is not a speeding problem on Cooper Road but our answer is only based on what results we came out with.


    Cierra, Justin, Zach, Jackie and Celisse

  2. your family seems very successful and hardworking. Congrats on being the captain of the team I'm sure you're an awesome captain and asset to the team. You also seem very intelligent, responsible and hardworking yourself. 

  3. Hello, my name is CierraW and I am a junior at West Irondequoit High School. I am 15 years old and my birthday is November 19. I enjoy watching basketball, running track, dancing and listening to music. My favorite subjects in school are history and english, I enjoy writing and taking notes during classes. I also enjoy learning new things and learning from mistakes I make on school work. I plan on graduating high school with an advanced regents diploma and a full scholarship to Spellman University.                                

                        I'm taking physics because I thought it seemed very interesting and I've heard good things about the class. I also took physics because it seems more fun and easier than chemistry. I also think Mr.Fullerton is a great teacher and will help me reach my full potential in this class. I hope to learn the true meaning of physics by performing labs and experiments this year. 

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