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  1. There are tons of physics in catching a pass, rather that pass being from the real sports football basketball or maybe a sport like baseball. A lot of the physics actually comes from the pass. For example tracking where the trajectory of the ball is being place along with the force that was put on the ball in order to make it move sense we know if a force wasn’t put on it then it would never be moving in the first place. The acceleration of the ball basically right when it reaches your hand must reach 0m/s2 or the force of the ball will end up having you not showcase your ability to catch the ball. Typically when you are about to catch something you bend your hands in a glove like shape, this is because the greater the area of a place for the ball to land the less the force of the pass.
  2. There is some physics in one of the greatest moves in basketball and in my mind the best. The ability to move the ball from left to right, right to left at 1m/s then to cross right back over at a 8m/s shows true skill for someone handling the ball. Normally the change in momentum will allow a person to easily get by the person guarding them because it will cause them to move their feet faster than they can think about at the time. From a slow cross to a fast cross forces people to be caught off guard, when someone is off guard it allows you to get your shot off for that split second or to get the half a step you need to get by the defender in order to get your #BUCKET. The greater the velocity even if it has a 1 meter distance helps most people score proving physics in the great cross-over.
  3. Physics in cutting, the cutting in the sense of eluding a person right before you are about to be tackled which I once did so often since I am amazing. The physics in cutting is pretty simple; a person will be going about 5 m/s rights to 0m/s in a blink of an eye. And right before you know it the person can go to 7m/s in just about one second. The ability to change direction also known as momentum once you are trying to avoid being tackled proves that there is physics in a simple juke move.
  4. There is a ton of physics in watching television, such as being able to get a signal from place to place. Most of the time the show that we are watching or at least someone is using a microphone where it converts mechanical energy being sound into electric energy which is the signal we get in order to capture what people are saying. The signal in TV is also physics due to the fact that is a frequency. As the signal gets its specific frequency it would convert and amplify the sound. The actual watching of television has to do with the electrons which will create the picture that we see, Therefore proving the physics in watching television.
  5. Singing has to do a lot with physics, and since I am watching t.v it has total relevance. The way that the sound of a singers voice gets from that person to the singer is involved with physics such as mechanical waves. These waves are also involved with the way someone can sing as in the pitch, which would be frequency of some sort. Someone yelling at the grammies compared to someone quietly singing will have a much lower frequency and without all the auto-tune the frequency of most of these artist seem to be much higher. The art of singing has a lot more to do than just frequency and mechanical waves, it also has to do with the abiltity to control an individuals voice and things like why you can hear someone singing when they are not just in front of you. All together proving physics in singing.
  6. Yesterday i made my return to basketball, we at least sideline shooting and dribbling. It was the first time i shot in a long time so i was a little rusty but with the help of some physics that changed quickly besides the fact that im just amazing. Taking in the things like the height of a player like myself being 6'1 the speed of a persons release, which mine is much slower than most people the height of the basket which should always be ten and the angle that you are releasing at a individual should also know the exact way to get a perfect shot, of course without taken in the defense or possible chance of being fouled and air reistance. So Imagine that you were standing 24 feet from the basketball and you take account your height and the ideal angle which is 45 degrees you would want your ball to be traveling at around 8.48 m/s. Which i found out would be the perfect shot at a sparq camp which actually told people. WIth those numbers you could determine any of the other but it shows the with distance, velocity and angle projectory physics connnected to helping my perfect my jump shot.
  7. Today we learned that the best angle of trajectory for anything is 45 degress, this connects to the only thing that i did for the last two weeks of the season which was throw a ball with one of the little ball boys. It actually made sense because the young boy always tried to throw the ball as high as he possibly could. But that would allow the defense to get under the ball very easily. Now a days in madden theres a new ball hawk thing that allows the team to get obnoxious amounts of interceptions, and then i noticed that the ball is normally only intercepted when you tap the throw button. When you slightly hold in longer it increases the velocity on the ball while also lowering the trajectory of the ball therfore making it a better pass. ITs a weird thing to think about in how much physics is in throwing a ball especially when you take account for the distance you are throwing the possible chance of wind, as well as the weight of the ball. All those things are just thought about naturally without any calclations are showing units.
  8. Well there is physics i everything, but there are tons of physics in the worst sport in the world in which i just finished playing. In the Churchville game i played quarterback which caused me to do many things that involved physics in the positions itself, for example getting the snap which was at times a stuggle to catch due to my reaction time changed through out the game. from terry the snap would start from rest and then since we stand 5 yards that would be distance and since we dont know the acceleration we would just have to find other things at least three and from those three things we would be able to find the final velocity in which terry snapped the ball right before it reached my hands. Oh and almost forgot to add the coach timed terrys snap on average and the came back at about 1 second each time. From these three things you could figure out the velocity. Proving that physics is used in the sport of football.
  9. Well there is a lot of physics in breaking my finger, especially since i broke it while playing football. The force from the player on my finger which was not moving at all caused it to chip in three places. My finger had no reisitance on the normal force that caused it to break. But at the same time there is a good chance that i attempted to stop that person from tackling me which did not work by stiff arming them so my arm and the others person force would be greater than mine which caused my finger to break. Maybe if i was stronger and could gain some muscle and power my arm would of broke the other persons arm or finger instead of mine but i am simply a weak man. There is also physics in the fact that i suffer from the osteogenesis imperfecta at least not in the extreme form which causes bones to break easily anyway the building of my bones describe physics because trufuly bones are made of many cracks but the hierarchical structure allows the bones to be resistant, but in my case this is not so much.
  10. the questions still arent workng
  11. I personally have many interest and love to write or talk about myself. I totally adore myself and my perfectioness. I love to play basketball and sometimes football as long as Im scoring. Musics is very interesting to me and i try to listen to it daily. Be able to score is the best feeling in the world. So im a very simple person all about me. I am taking physics for a few reasons though I was sort of unsure of taking it. Its the next course in order for me to graduate according to my councelor. Also for a career choice physics really you can do no wrong. The money is always great and thats the most important thing in the world. You cant go wrong with having lots of money. So those are the possible reasons for taking the class.
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