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  1. while bored many of us tend to listen to music, but we often don't realize how lucky we are not to have to deal with electromagnetic interference because of the newly incorporated technology such as wi-fi and error correcting systems. going back to older radios such as the analogue, many of these would have problems receiving the correct signal as there were a lot and they could not distinguish the in-band unwanted from the intended; thus, many times radio stations were disrupted or hard to dial in on.
  2. mohamed


    light is known by everyone to be vital to life, however, not many people know how what exactly it is; sunlight is a portion of the electromagnetic radiation given off by the sun, in particular infrared, visible and ultraviolet light. on earth, sunlight is filtered through the earth's atmosphere, and is obvious as daylight when the sun is above the horizon. when the direct solar radiation is not blocked by clouds, it is experienced as sunshine, a combination of bright light and radiant heat. when it is blocked by the clouds or reflects off other objects, it is experienced as diffused light. therefore, the sun provides for us both in light and heat.
  3. high tide and low tide occur once a day, we learned in earth science that the moon caused these disturbances in the water, however, after learning about gravitational forces i now understand how they happen in-depth; the moon's gravitational force pulls on water in the oceans so that there are "bulges" in the ocean on both sides of the planet. The moon pulls water toward it, and this causes the bulge toward the moon. The bulge on the side of the Earth opposite the moon is caused by the moon "pulling the Earth away" from the water on that side. thus, we have the tides which most people don't know why they occur.
  4. mohamed

    ski jumping

    while I don't ski jump, after doing a poster on this Olympic event, I have realized how much physics there actually is in one basic jump. starting at a position more than 70 meters vertical height, the skier attempts to gain the most velocity through their position and in avoiding air resistance and friction down the 120 meter ramp leading up to the jump. once off the ramp, the approach totally changes as they now desire to gain as much resistance as they can through their body and ski positioning. with jumping speed in excess of 60 mph, they often can land more than 200 meters from the initial position.
  5. mohamed

    Bumper cars

    bumper cars are a well known game that many people like, the concept is also an easy one; drive into others for big crashes. however, the impact of the crash is based on the momenta of the cars. and because momentum is equal to the mass multiplied by the velocity of the object, and the cars all go at the same speed, the impact is all based on the mass. thus concluding that a heavier driver can scientifically cause a larger impact due to the greater mass.
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    friction is a large component of safety in driving; seen largely during the winter, brakes depend on the friction of rubber against road and when the friction coefficient isnt great enough, the brakes don't ensure a safe stop. this is so due to the wetness and lack of friction against snow, and even worse, ice. thus, we can associate the braking system to be heavily dependent on the existence of the force of friction.
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    walking is a simple action that many of us engage in everyday, yet i bet only few understand that the action is a blend of numerous laws of physics put into motion. when we walk, we push the ground backwards, and the ground pushes us forward in accordance with newton's 3rd law (for every force there is an equal and opposite force), in fact we walk only due to presence of frictional force, we do work against friction to walk. such friction allows us to apply the forces to the ground in order to advance ourselves in walking.
  8. mohamed

    Chest Bump

    The chest bump is something that has become widely known and done, but it is also very easily relatable to physics through the concept of force; men and few women of all sizes do the chest bump, but where force is best seen is during the times when the masses of the two people have a larger difference. during the chest bump, both parties apply the same amount of force (which are equal and opposite) and are under the same natural laws. however, one is usually alot more impacted by the hit than the other due to their smaller mass, the force applied has a greater effect on the lighter person usually sending them backwards quite a bit more than the other person.
  9. mohamed


    Thinking about the summer, i can remember swimming in my uncles pool. even though it is not very large, when i swam i would have alot more energy starting so my velocity would be higher in the beginning. But as my arms began to feel fatigued i would notice that my speed was much slower and it was a more gradual stop rather than an immediate one. in this example i can also see that if i were slowing down it would be considered that i have a negative acceleration as my velocity decreased.
  10. at times i like to play football with my brothers, and i can easily see the changes in velocity as i throw the ball and how it starts at rest and then flies to it highest point where it stops for a split second before falling into the hands of the reciever. and in this i can see that the ball falls faster and faster (accelerates) the further it drops. and i also can see the variance in distance it travels based on the amount of force i put on the ball and the air resistance (wind as well).
  11. mohamed


    because i have many brothers they often fight; when one of them hits the other, i can see the change in speed as he gets further, becuase he is gaining speed it could be said he is accelerating. he begins with an initial velocity of zero as he hits my other brother and then begins to speed up as he runs away. in this i can also see a position change as the displacement increases.
  12. mohamed

    Physics of Biking

    that is a good example of how we can relate even bike riding to acceleration and velocity.
  13. Imani Davis, Alize Hill, Zach Memmott, Mohamed Mohamed, Antonio McIntyre, Sandra Esparza , Maddie Till Speeding Lab In this lab we participated in the Irondequoit Police Department Safety project; our goal was to gather data about the speeds of cars driving down Cooper road. The speed limit in front of the high school is 35 mph or 15.6m/s. We measured the speed of 10 vehicles driving North on Cooper road. The only materials that we had were stopwatches and a tape measure. We needed to problem solve in order to find the speeds of the car using two measurements. First we drew a rough draft of how the graph should look, then we created a data table with measurements and decided on a distances (15.6, 31.2). Then we walked downstairs and put down the measuring tape and gave each individual a job and someone would yell start and time the cars speed from 0 to 15.6 and then had another person yell start in order to time the cars speed from 15.6 to 31.2. From there our group did the process ten times and collected all the data. The average speed of all 10 vehicles was calculated by taking the distance and dividing it by the time. We divided 15.6 by 6.6 and 1.6. After we averaged the two to create an average speed; we added 6.6 and 1.6 and divided by two to get 18.05. Our results were under the average speed limit. The car that was going the fastest was the Lincoln; it was going an average speed of 16 meters per second. The lowest speed was the West Irondequoit truck and it was 5.06 meters per second. To improve our result we could’ve used a radar gun and recorded more cars at different distances. According to our results, there is no speeding problem on Cooper road. Most of our vehicles (90%) were under the speed limit. Only one car was over the speed limit. Based on the data, it’s proven that there’s no speeding problem on Cooper road.
  14. you should share your interests.
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    about me

    my name is mohamed, i enjoy all sports and try to engage in many physical activities. i believe school is very important and a priority for the youth. i am taking this course because it is the next science class and because it would allow me to learn about many things i couldnt before understand.
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