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  1. The shift in a wave's observed frequency is due to the relative motion between the source of the wave and an observer. As a car beeps its horn while traveling, it has a constant frequency and as the velocity increases, the sound waves from the observer have lower amplitudes and are less frequent. This is known as the Doppler effect. As sound waves come toward the observer they have higher frequencies than the sound waves moving away from the observer. Not only does frequency help explain the Doppler effect but it also explains how the police are able to find the speed of cars on a highway. A radar gun can be used to determine the speed of a car by measuring the different frequencies between emitted and reflected radar waves!
  2. Resonance is where one object emitting a sound wave with one frequency causes another object with the same frequency to vibrate. Just like sound waves can create vibrations in your ear drum, sound waves can create vibrations to other objects and sometimes they can even cause them to shatter. This occurrence applies to any object, because every object has it's own natural frequency. A common example of this idea has been proven in the past where an opera singer's voice can shatter a wine glass and I want to try it myself one day!
  3. One of the main reasons I can't wait to get my license is so that I can play my music in my car as loud as I want. If I were to purchase some subwoofers to put in the trunk of my CRV it would greatly intensify the sound of my music. This is because the science of sound waves. When music is played it creates sound waves that cause vibrations in your ear which your brain processes which allows you to hear. When sound waves have greater amplitude, they have more energy which means they will have greater loudness. If I wanted, I could calculate the distance away my mom is from out side my car by finding the time it takes to reach her ears and the velocity of the sound waves. I will have to be careful not to be too loud around my mom or she might take my car away
  4. While helping out with yard work at my house I noticed that the lamp post in my yard had a light bulb in it but it was not on and no one could find the switch to this light. However, using my knowledge of physics, I knew that the light could be wired in a parallel circuit which means if one switch was turned on it could be connected to another light in our house and both that light and the lamp post would turn on. The only problem was that the light had blown out. So I told my mom to buy a new light for the lamp post and then try all the switches in the house and see if the light was connected to a parallel circuit. This is all because parallel circuits allow multiple paths for energy to flow through. If I wanted to know even more about this mysterious lamp post I could find the current of the energy flow by multiplying the coulombs of charge that pass through the light in one minute. We still have to buy a new light bulb but I'm positive it will work!
  5. A stadium wave is a transverse wave which is a wave that travels perpendicular to the direction of the particles within the wave. so when you see people do the wave at a basketball game, you can see the wave move across the entire stadium but the people alone stay in their seats.The greater the wave is, the more energy it has which means it has a bigger amplitude. The size of the amplitude can be measured from the baseline of the wave to the crest or to the trough. The number of waves in one second is the frequency and if you know the frequency and the wavelength, you can find the velocity of the wave by multiplying the two together. Not only are stadium waves found in a stadium but the noise from the screaming fans in the crowd create sound waves which are longitudinal waves where the particles move in the same direction as the wave!
  6. While I was on a cruise for vacation over winter break, the waiter my family was served by showed us a different magic trick each night after dinner. He began with some simple mind tricks that were very entertaining but one night he really wowed us. He placed a wine bottle on the table with he cork in it and stuck a toothpick in the cork and managed to balance two forks wedged together on another toothpick as you can see in the picture. We could not believe our eyes! But then I began to think how this relates to physics and how the force of an object is equal to the mass times the acceleration and with equal masses balanced on a stable base that had no acceleration it was possible that he could easily balance these heavy silverware on top of a wine bottle. My younger brother believed there was no other explanation for this than magic, however I might have some other ideas...
  7. I have always loved to ski and I like to think I'm pretty good at it but when I found out how physics is related to the sport of downhill skiing I knew I could improve. When you ski down a hill not only do you go due to the force of gravity, your body weight is also a force that plays apart in skiing down the hill. Also the force of friction acts on your skis and depending on the height of the mountain, the snow and whether or not your skis are waxed it determines your speed. Furthermore, as you ski down the hill you gain more kinetic energy as your potential energy decreases and you gain more and more speed as you reach the bottom of the hill. So always remember when you get to the bottom of the hill make a pizza with your skis to slow yourself down or there could be some ugly ski accidents.
  8. My dog Cooper loves to go on long walks with me even in the wintertime. He loves to yank on the leash and almost rip my arm out of it's socket especially when he sees a squirrel. Surprisingly this all has to do with physics. When Cooper yanks on the leash he is exerting a force on my arm which is the same amount of force my arm exerts on him. This means that every time Cooper yanks on my arm until I can't feel it, he is also feeling the same force on his neck where his leash connects to his collar. He clearly hasn't caught on to how physics effects his life because he still continues to yank on the leash when we take our walks.
  9. Now that I am learning how to drive I notice all the different ways physics is applied every time I get in the car. When I am driving up a big hill I know that not only do I need to step on the gas, but that the car is gaining a lot of potential energy. Once I reach the top of the hill and begin to travel down the hill, the car's energy converts from potential to kinetic energy giving me lots of speed which means I no longer have to step on the gas and I should really begin to break. Due to the force of gravity on the car if I don't put on the breaks my kinetic energy will continue to increase giving me lots of speed where I could easily get into an accident and must slow down. Thanks to physics now I understand how energy works and how to be a safe driver!
  10. There is a lot more physics involved in working in a grocery store than you would think. I work at wegmans as a cashier and every time I scan an item and then bag the item I am doing work. Not work as in showing up and doing my job work, but work having to do with physics! Work is a term used in physics to determine the amount of force exerted times the total displacement. So every time I move one jug of milk from the conveyer belt into a wegmans bag I am doing work. If I take the work being done and divide it by the time it takes me I find my power. In wegmans language this is known as your IPM's which stands for items per minute and I usually get up to 14 or 15 items per minute. Who knew there was so much physics involved in my everyday job!
  11. Every time you go fishing you are using physics. When you cast a line out into the water you have a projectile. The line has a vertical and horizontal velocity and the force gravity puts on it gives it acceleration. Depending on the angle is it projected from, you can analyze how far it will go and at 45 degrees it will go the farthest possible distance. When you know the time it takes for the bobber to hit the water you can calculate the distance it travels.
  12. There is surprisingly a lot of physics involved in just driving a car. Let's say your driving from your house to the store. You first slowly back out of the driveway which means your car has a slow initial velocity. As you drive from your street to a main road, the speed limit is faster which means the car's velocity is faster. This also means the acceleration is increasing in order to go from a slower speed to a faster speed. If you know the velocity of the car and the approximate time it takes you to drive to the store you can find the distance from your house to the store.
  13. Football is all about physics especially projectile motions like when the ball is thrown for the winning touchdown. The angle its thrown at determines how far it travels through the air and the force put on the football determines its velocity. The running back who catches the pass also uses physics because their speed determines how many yards they rush or if they score a touchdown. By using the running back's speed and the total time it takes them to rush the ball you can find the distance.
  14. There is a lot of physics in soccer. For instance when the ball is kicked and its launched through the air its a projectile. It has a vertical velocity and the force of gravity determines it's acceleration and when you measure how long it was in the air you can find the distance it traveled. The angle the ball is kicked from determines its distance and how far the ball travels can be very important in the game of soccer.
  15. wow very cool good luck this year
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