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  1. Driving involves a plethora of physics knowledge if you want to be not a good driver, but a great one. There are a lot of ways to be able to calculate the time it takes for a car going X miles per hour for X meters to stop. V=D/T is one equation that you could use to solve a problem like this, and knowing how to do this helps you know when to start to break or when to at least slow down. You'll never know how many meters your going but having knowledge like this always helps. This is all very important because being able to have knowledge of this is better than just guessing.
  2. You must put the right amount of force on the ball to get it in the basket. But you also need to know how far away you are from the basket so you know how much force to put on it, and so you have the right velocity. Also you must know that the backboard exerts the same amount of force on the ball that ball puts on it, so you need to know how much to put on the backboard.
  3. Curling involves a lot of components in physics, one of which is friction. When the sweepers sweep in front of the rock it "removes" the friction so the rock is able to keep moving and not stop. Also the curl of the rock allows it gain more momentum so when it hits another one it pushes that one out of the way and stops on the target.
  4. There is a lot of physics that is involved in football, for example, momentum. Players that are smaller than others are able to knock over players who are bigger because their momentum is bigger. Also they know that when your about to get hit you must relax instead of tense up.
  5. there are many physics involved in the game of soccer. for example when you kick the ball, you kick it at an angle and a velocity. the angle can affect if the ball bends or just goes straight for the goal while velocity will tell you how strong or fast you kicked it. this is very important in soccer because angles and velocity how good your shot is and you could use kinematic equations to find out if a shot were to go in or not
  6. good job riley, get that leg better
  7. hi Justin that is good you are taking this class even though you don't have to, it shows dedication and stuff
  8. My name is Zachary Memmott, im a senior in high school and I have a lot of different interesting hobbies. I play soccer, that is my favorite sport to play, I play for the school. I have been playing soccer since I was 6 and I love the sport, although it is not my favorite sport to watch. football is my favorite sport period, I don't play but I love watching it and learning more and more about it, I am a die heart Vikings fan, and Adrian Peterson is my idol. im quiet and don't like to talk much, shy a lot of people like to say. other than those things theres not that much about me. I am taking physics because I wanted to challenge myself senior year, I wanted to learn something very new. I hate science classes but I knew this was more than science, it was math and more about why things do what they do and it interested me. this class didn't seem boring to me. I also think physics is important because it helps us understand why and how things happen, and it could be fun doing it.
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